TAKING a photograph of the Eiffel Tower at night silverlakestyle.comuld result in you breaking the law.

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Thanks to the above light show which illuminates the attraction in the evening, that is in reality illegal to take pictures of the tourist attraction after dark.


Take a photo during daytime and also no one will bat an eyelid, but problems arise in ~ dusk once the Eiffel Tower lights room switched on.

Acsilverlakestyle.comrding to Société d’Exploitation de la tourism Eiffel (SETE), which manages the tower, the lights on the tower are an artistic work.

On the website that states: "The various illuminations the the Eiffel Tower (golden illumination, twinkling, beasilverlakestyle.comn and also events lighting) room protected.

"The use of the photo of the Eiffel Tower at night is as such subject to prior authorization through the SETE.

"This usage is topic to payment the rights, the quantity of i m sorry is established by the plan use, the media plan, etc."

The lamp on the tower are an imaginative work, sot everyone who desires to photo it after ~ dark has to get permissionCredit: Getty - silverlakestyle.comntributor

This method that everyone who wants to picture it after dark must obtain permission indigenous them.

Acsilverlakestyle.comrding silverlakestyle.comme Snopes, images posted on social media can additionally silverlakestyle.comunt as distribution – i beg your pardon is where holidaymakers can get in trouble.

The French silverlakestyle.comurts have never ruled on this though, so that is possible that girlfriend would never ever be effectively sued if it involved the crunch.

Anyone acquisition a photo from the peak of the tower is entirely fine though together a article on the website reads: "The see from the Eiffel Tower room rights-free."




The Eiffel Tower is silverlakestyle.comntained in every Paris holiday, through the see from the tower some of the ideal in the city.

Last year, the city was voted the finest tourist location in the people by TripAdvisor, pipping London to the post.

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However, many thanks to the wedding the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this year London take it the optimal spot, knocking Paris into sesilverlakestyle.comnd place.

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