What is the problem?

Criminals acquire their hand on tens of thousands of guns each year through illegal trafficking. States with weak total laws often serve as companies of firearms to says with stronger gun laws. Legislation enforcement is constrained by poor laws to crack down on gun trafficking.

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The U.S. Lacks a strong federal pistol trafficking regulation to crack under on illegal networks that supply weapons to criminals. Prosecutors who desire to hit traffickers must rely on a regulation that prohibits “selling weapons without a federal license.” This weak legislation carries the exact same punishment together trafficking chicken or livestock. Ninety percent the the guns discovered at crime scene in brand-new York City were originally bought the end of state and brought come the city illegally. A solid federal trafficking legislation would permit law enforcement come crack under on pistol traffickers—and save trafficked weapons off our streets.

Tens of countless guns are trafficked across state lines and also into the hands of criminal every year. These firearms can enter the illegal industry through a range of channels. This has corrupt license is granted gun dealers, straw purchasers, unlicensed gun sellers, and also theft or loss from sellers, shipping companies, and private gun owners, amongst other means. States v weak pistol laws regularly serve as companies of crime firearms in says with more powerful gun laws and within their very own states.

The Crime pistol Dashboard

Source: ATF firearms Trace Data, 2015–2019 To recognize the movement of firearms recovered in connection with crimes—referred to together “crime guns”—Everytown Research…


Undeniable: exactly how Long-Standing Loopholes in the Background examine System have actually Been Exacerbated by COVID-19

Loopholes must be addressed to ensure that guns are not marketed without a completed background check.


Stolen weapons Pose a Tremendous risk to public Safety

Thousands of firearms are stolen every year and often wind up in ~ crime scenes. Stolen weapons pose a tremendous threat to publicly safety.

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Five means to enhance the pistol Violence avoidance Strategy in your City

Cities the have had actually success in avoiding gun violence have used multi-disciplinary, community-led viewpoints to response and prevention.