to enhance technology? To improve society? What 3 points would you great for? simply curious. And also don’t say the typical more wishes.

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• To be able to learn something instantly• To be able to totally reform our (American & Puerto Rican) education and learning systems instantly• To have infinite wishes at my disposal, motivated only when I particularly ask for them.

if us only had actually 3 wishes and could no wish because that more, I would certainly wish:*considering God has a plan for everyone and everything…1) i knew every day ns was act what I need to do to live as much as the person God desires me to be in this life2) That ns was constantly surrounded by world who love me3) That i took advantage of all potential I had actually to do great in the world

1: A ideal education because that all people of the world2: ideal health care for all human being of the world3: appropriate food/water/shelter for all human being of the world

3 an ext wishes, and also I would do this untill the person, or entity, broke down and then i can have as many wishes as I wanted. Climate i’d more than likely just get a Coke.

no one run on me because that saying this 1 come be an ext like Jesus 2 to have the funds to it is in a full-time missionary 3 faith to move mountains

You males all space way much better wishers because that mankind. I’m pretty selfish myself… :(

1) infinate knowledge2) infinate accumulation (as in money)3) have the ability to do for real magic therefore I can do whatever I wanted.

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Like ns said, I’m a selfish jerk…

Everyone’s different and has various wishes. Human being shouldn’t referee you on answering honestly. :) however what if boundless knowledge bring to light method too plenty of issues and also understandings the you great you knew nothing of? occasionally is ignorance yes, really bliss, or is over there still bliss in knowing of and about everything?

And, what if v your unlimited knowledge and money and also magic you had no friends? Would having friends be another wish you’d give yourself? Curious ;)

sprstar- I would certainly hope that my knowelge would give me an expertise of every the understandings so that i wouldn’t have any issues through them. Far fetched, ns know, yet for a wish ns think that works.

As for the friends, i wouldnt use my knowledge against them therefore I would certainly think that I can keep mine friends. If no I’d just trick them with my magic and flashes of mine money. ;)