For a many people, vote is a serious civic duty. They present up to the polls on election day, lock know precisely who and also what they’re poll for, and they leaving the polling place with a sense of pride. 

But for countless others, voting deserve to be perceived as too much of a hassle, too lot pressure, or a useless endeavor. There space a lot of reasons why human being don’t vote, but we believe it’s important to for sure everyone’s voices are heard on choice day.  

So we put together a short list of factors why her vote yes, really does matter—and a little bit of understanding into why. 

Your vote renders a difference.

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It can feel prefer your vote won’t matter, but it will make a difference, particularly in local and state elections. It’s straightforward to acquire lost in the huge numbers displayed on the news about federal representatives and also the electoral college, yet there room plenty of cases where a small variety of votes have made decision elections.  

Consider this perform of close gyeongju from NPR, including a state representative seat in 2018 that was decided by exactly one vote. Or a Vermont state Senate autonomous primary in 2017 that was established by single vote out of an ext than 7,400 total. If you look in ~ races that were decided by a handful much more votes, you’ll view plenty of instances in the last ten years, and also that doesn’t even start to cover elections in the previous century! 


The winner of the election will represent you anyway.

Voting because that a candidate isn’t an endorsement, it’s a preference. It’s rare to agree v a candidate on every issue, but it’s necessary to make certain they recognize what worries you treatment about. There’s typically one candidate who represents your interests far better than the others.

When you choose not to vote, you’re letting others decide who gets come make and also enforce laws as your representative. There’s normally going to be one human being on the ballot who’s a much better fit 보다 the others and you have to play an active function in deciding who that is. 


It’s never ever been less complicated to register to vote.

Most claims offer the capacity to it is registered to vote online, and the procedure takes less than five minutes. You deserve to vote in U.S. Poll if you: 

Are a U.S. Citizen Meet your state’s residency requirements Are 18 years old on or before Election Day  

Check out National Voter registration Day’s website and Vote.org, where you can acquire instructions on registering, no matter what state friend live in. 

Elections influence your life every day.

You might not realize it, yet your life is affected by government, laws, and also elected to represent every day. Us think that common Cause put it ideal when castle said:  

There is not a solitary aspect of day-to-day life the isn’t influenced by her government. The roadways you journey on, the air girlfriend breathe, the water friend drink, the food you eat, the colleges that teach her children, and the parks girlfriend visit — are all a function of government.” 

There are world making decision that affect your life and also you have the power to select who’s making these decisions on your behalf. They must answer to you, not the other means around. 


People battled for the right to vote for a reason.

We acquire it. Life is complicated and it’s a battle to fit that all right into your schedule. But voting is among the couple of chances you deserve to have a direct affect on her community.

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there wouldn’t have actually been a women’s suffrage activity or a 24th modification if voting didn’t matter.

Take advantage of the tools that your state and also county provide for you. Many ballots include quick summaries that candidates’ beliefs and also stances ~ above issues, and short descriptions of ballot measures and also their effects.

If you’re having trouble deciding, consider reviewing a ballot guide before the election. Sometimes, this are available at the polling station. Try selecting your peak three problems or concerns with government and look because that candidates who line up with those priorities.