In 2016, Switchfoot released the album, “Where the light Shines Through,” and includes a tune called, “If the home Burns down Tonight.” The song was written about the California fires bearing under on the houses of members of the band. Personally, together I listen to the song, it bring me back to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and also many of my memories about our experience.

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The sunset burns choose gasoline

Touch me and make certain that I’m not dreaming

I view her face and my love skips beats

But ns still get the feeling that we’re half asleep and

There’s a spark in the corner of my baby’s eye

Like a far-off start the won’t burn quiet

And I could not know what I desire from this life

But I understand I want an ext than the beginning line

I tho remember whereby I to be August the 2005 as soon as Hurricane Katrina was bearing under on the panhandle of Florida. My wife and also I had actually left because that a vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, come visit some friends. We had moved native Phoenix to Louisiana a couple years before, and were looking forward to safety time through these friend again.

On a Saturday morning while i was ~ above a hill bike ride, Angel referred to as saying I required to get back to the residence to watch the weather. The hurricane had moved from Florida towards Louisiana, and our resides were about to change.

So provide me the fire

I have the right to hear the motor running down the interstate

And all the distractions fade away

And if the house burns under tonight

I got everything I require with you by mine side

I check out the acting piling up in the rear see mirror

Yeah however I ain’t ever seen it any kind of clearer

And if the residence burns down tonight

I got whatever I require when I acquired you by mine side

And allow the remainder burn…

I quiet remember sit in ours friends’ living room city hall the weather, the town hall the strength of the hurricane increase, and watching that bearing under on our home. Our cat was left in ~ home. Us hadn’t excellent anything come prepare. Angel and also I can only look at each other realizing that whatever we had actually may be destroyed. What were we going to do about it?

Did it matter? If that was all gone, would we be able to step back and acknowledge we still had actually the most vital things?

I’ve provided too much of my love away

My soul’s hold on prefer a home divided

Like a enhance it burns down like a masquerade

And I had to let that go as soon as the fire ignited

One heart, two hands, her life is all you hold

(your life is all you hold)

To hold, organize tight and also let the bitterness go

Yeah let that go, and give me the fire

Leaving Phoenix, us weren’t able to immediately return ago to the brand-new Orleans area. We ended up going to Angel’s parents. While us were there, we had no idea what devastation was wait for us at home.

All we can do to be look in ~ one another and realize we had the most crucial things us would ever need, every other. Our household was together, and also if we had to begin over, that’s what we would do. But, that still hurt.

Had us lost everything we owned in one day?

The smoke do the efforts choking the pacific sun

We rocket down the road choose we’re shot out of guns

And if the residence burns under tonight

I got everything I require with friend by my side

Holding you and the wheel and also it occurs to me

We’re driving under the sheet of eternity

And if the house burns under tonight

I got everything I need when I acquired you by my side

And let the rest burn

And permit the remainder burn

I psychic the drive from Dallas‑Fort Worth under to Mandeville, whereby we lived. Ns remember wondering, the whole time, what ns was going to discover when we gained there. I preserved reminding myself in ~ the end of the day, it yes, really didn’t matter. I had actually to put myself in a position of complete surrender, expertise losing every little thing was okay. It wasn’t easy, however it to be okay.

Put her hand in mine and

Put your heart in driving

We got whatever we need yeah

We got everything we require yeah

Left it all behind us

What we require will find us

We ultimately arrived in ~ our house and, contrasted to our neighbors, we did quite well. There were just two trees sitting on optimal of the house. Us quickly reduced those down and covered the damages with a tarp.

The worst component was cleaning out the refrigerator, which had been sitting for a week and a half. Surprisingly, our cat had actually survived, although quite traumatized. Us had whatever we needed. God had protected our home. It was amazing to take it a step back and establish how small the things that us owned mattered.

And every those lies the mattered most to me

Were draining me dry making a ghost of me

And if the house burns under tonight

I got every little thing I need, whatever I need

There’s a fire coming that we all will go through

You possess her possessions or they own you

And if the residence burns down tonight

I got every little thing I require when I gained you by mine side

Although I never want to go with that suffer again, the certainly carried a new perspective that I’ve tried come live out ever since. I deserve to have my possessions, or they deserve to have me. At any moment, each one of us is just a few breaths away from shedding everything, whether we realize the or not.

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If we hold on also tightly come possessions, we miss the avenues that come native what we have actually in our lives that matter most. This track from Switchfoot is among my and also Angel’s favorites. We room often carried to tears when we listen to it, yet the lesson the it teaches is therefore important. I can’t imagine life life any type of other way.