According come the Webster’s thesaurus of ours generation, breakup hair is one “often ugly haircut a girl it s okay after going with a complicated breakup.” great we can say we haven’t to be there- yet sadly, us have. One 2nd you room sobbing in the shower, the next you space staring at her super quick bob with your hairstylist smiling proudly behind you. What gives? are you falling victim come breakup hair? What is it around the end of intense relationships that make us run out the door looking for such drastic measures?


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The Psychology Behind Breakup Hair

Psychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez has answers. “When miscellaneous ends, it’s a time that a new beginning. Sometimes human being want to mark this brand-new beginning by getting a tattoo, cutting your hair, or even plastic surgery.” an additional possibility Dr. Hafeez wants us to take into consideration is that as soon as a connection was “emotionally exhausting or also abusive, the human decides they need to drastically change themselves.” This realization frequently leads human being to begin their healing process with something manageable and also benign: your appearance.

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Lisa Conception, a Certified expert Dating & relationship Coach and Founder that LoveQuest Coaching finds this all as well familiar. “When mine mother obtained divorced, she walk from a brunette come a redhead,” she tells Mane Addicts. “It was as if she want to rid herself of the person she to be before and also a crate of hair dye was the way to perform it quickly.” She alerts that ~ the end of a systematic relationship, women oftentimes crave control. Cutting four inches that hair off may be a means of asserting that control. “Control is a large reason,” Lisa beings. “In relationships, we take into consideration the opinions of our partners. When civilization realize they can do what they please without any input, they take drastic measures and also do the very thing that their ex wouldn’t think they’d do,” she says. Lisa likewise believes the arrival of Instagram adds a completely new layer of complexity to relationships. “Add in society media and also you have instant ‘you walk girl’ support by posting a photograph of you yourself doing anything correctly such together skydiving, gaining tattooed or chopping off her hair.”

Dr. Sherrie Campbell, a counselor, psychologist, and marriage and family therapist believes correctly hair moves room made by world who desire to achieve change that will assist them separate from their old life. “They are trying to distance themselves,” she says. “Hair stop energy, and to cut that hair off cuts off that negative energy,” proceeds Dr. Cmapbell. “It’s prefer putting ~ above a new outfit ~ a negative day. Girlfriend feel prefer a new person. A new hairstyle deserve to make united state feel like a new person, not the human being who to be dumped or heartbroken. Or if us were the one that left our partner, we want a new look to not be the same persona that our partner had. It’s every about beginning fresh,” she expertly concludes.

Hair as a mental Shift

Calls for fist like gaining a drastic haircut or completely an altering your hairstyle are popular since of the old adage “hair grows back,” alerts Dr. Hafeez. “It’s miscellaneous bold that doesn’t have any type of long term stickiness. It sends a message and there’s a mental change into a an ext secure self-perception due to the fact that the person took action.” The silver- lining according to our doc?“Within a few months, as the human heals and also evolves, their breakup hair will grow and evolve too.” Lisa believes that there is a sense of power one might derive from boldly committing to together a change. This perceived power, combined with the protection of understanding a changing hairstyle is a non-permanent move, renders hair straightforward post-breakup target. “Haircuts and new clothing can occur in one afternoon,” Lisa explains. “Hair grows earlier and clothing can conveniently be changed.”

Post-Breakup Blues

Other points to suppose after a breakup? Dr. Hafeez says that its common to feeling depressed and anxious after a relationship. According to Lisa, other common habits exhibited by the person being dumped incorporate booking solo trips, revenge date or rekindling through old flames.

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Dr. Sanam asserts that breakups often mirror the exact same stages as death, specifically sudden and tragic deaths. “There’s the shock and then the denial. This is then followed by acceptance and also then a desire to move on,” she says. Lisa Conception agrees, “Breakups space tricky because depending ~ above what caused it, there can be shock, anger, denial, depression, desire for revenge.” The perform goes on and also on,” she reminds us. “One person can obtain cheated on and instantly slip into anger and also action, while who else would sit in sadness because that weeks.”

No matter just how you decide to tackle the finish of her relationship, breakup hair isn’t an end all it is in all. Store things in perspective and remember, hair always grows back.