Episode 3 of Tyler Perry’s series, If loving You Is Wrong was good! Racism, lies, and also deceit operation rampant in this episode! But, there room actually a few sweet and considerate moments put in the mix together well. If one pair looks to it is in done for good, another is debating whether or no they need to work things out. No to cite – someone it s okay shot at?!


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The episode starts back up with Randal(foolishly) yelling in ~ Marcie around his and Alex’s baby when Rusty hears it. Rusty speed walks end to Randal and also confronts him. Randal was #unbothered, talking about, “Well, we’re household now. Me and also Alex – we had sex. So now my kid is her grandson.” Rusty acquired to shaking and also calling him “boy,” and calling the a liar – whoever the guy is the plays that component plays it well! but anyway, Rusty rate walks back into the house and also confronts Alex’s mom around it. As soon as Alex’s mommy tells him that the baby is fifty percent black, Rusty’s like, “Where’s her gun?!” She speak him that she left it in ~ home, yet I don’t believe her.

While Rusty’s having a fit, Brad walks in. Brad’s like,”Rusty, you need to get out my house.” Rusty beginning fussing in ~ him around him no protecting Alex from gift “raped” and also blah blah. Brad speak him again, “There isn’t yet one rapist in this house.” castle exchange some much more words and also Brad pushes Rusty down and also Alex’s mom magically pulls out the total “she left at home” and shoots in ~ Brad. They then head on out and also leave.

At the exact same time Alex’s mommy shot in ~ Brad, Ramsey was external working on Kelly’s yard when he heard the gunshot. When Kelly gets house he tells her about it, yet she’s like, “In this neighborhood? Nah.” She goes to speak to Brad and also confirms the there had been gunshots – he’s it s okay though.

Then we watch Brad tho in the home when he calls Marcie. Marcie speak him the she’s in the house, and he’s like,”Oh okay.” He speak her every little thing that happened and also tells her the he’ll more than there later on to relocate in.

After that, Esperanza is walking down the hallway at work-related when she is greeted by Julius. Julius does some slick talk and tells her the he concerned the terminal to check out if it to be Eddie the was shot. Esperanza speak him to leave her family members alone, but Julius is like,”Nope. You do realize the he has actually a mrs in your house right now, right? ns follow him, he always brings women right into your residence while you’re gone.” She didn’t wanna believe it, however she knew it was true! She took heed to what the said, but likewise told him the they will never ever get back together and that he needs to leaving her alone.

Esperanza later calls Eddie and also tells him to get the woman the end of her house. He’s like,”What you talking about? I’m not also at the house, I’m in ~ work. Why you always so jealous?” every while law the do! He think Esperanza’s going to drop it, yet realizes just how wrong the is as soon as Esperanza walks right into the house! once the girl the Eddie was sleeping with operation out, Ben, that was supposed to be the lookout, come in the ago door like,”What hap- oh, hey.” You recognize Eddie is gonna gain him because that messing that up!

While that’s going on, Natalie is at house calling Joey to take the garbage out. Together he’s going come tie it up, that sees the approval letter because that the house. He’s like,”Ma, you require to offer Lushion an additional chance. He’s clean, trust me. It’s Eddie that’s dirty. Mine friends talk about who is clean and who isn’t, so i did part research. He’s clean.”

Then Randal is at work, having actually a therapy session through Julius – really? They’re both nuts! now Randal had gone to speak to Julius’ dad(who, if friend remember, has cancer and also is dying), that told him that Julius is angry around his childhood. Julius provided this story around how his mommy put that in a boarding house and also how the made him angry, so he began raping women, act drugs, and cutting. He was like,”You wanna check out my cuts?” when Randal obliged, Julius unzipped his pants, pulled them down, and also was like,”I circumcised myself! Wanna view the various other one?” the turned around and showed Randal his behind. Climate he said, “That turned friend on, didn’t it?” Randal to be like, “Nah.” then Julius does part fake cry and then straightens up and says, “If you think you’re walking to call me crazy and also cut me out of mine father’s will, you have an additional thing coming.” He renders some threats and also whatnot and also leaves. Randal hosted himself, however it was apparent that he was scared.

Then we check out Ramsey and also Kelly again. Ramsey is like, “I think in exchange for me functioning on your yard i deserve dinner.” therefore they’re simply talking and also whatnot, and Kelly says, “Ramsey, we can’t do this. You aren’t gonna be here long, and also I don’t wanna acquire attached.” Ramsey says, “You’re one of those gravity chicks, huh? You loss hard and also the rest is history.” Kelly was like, “I guess: v so. Therefore does that make friend a h*e?” so he tells she his story around him gift in the military and also having a long-distance relationship and getting his love broken. Then he’s like, “Now I’m gonna ask girlfriend some questions – end dinner.” therefore they go the end to the backyard to finish the yard work-related when lock spot Alex and also the infant on the earlier porch. Ramsey picks her up and also brings her in the house. She speak them the entirety story and also Kelly and also Ramsey space like, “Lawd, Jesus.” Then us hear a punch on the door. Alex freaks out and also runs and also hides – turns out it’s Brad. Kelly, who we recognize can’t hold nothing, is like, “No, no Alex here.” so Brad simply tells her that, if she watch Alex, to let her know that he’s pack his bags and is gone – climate the infant starts crying. Brad goes come push past Kelly, and Ramsey jumps in like, “Nah bruh. She don’t wanna talk to you.” Brad tries to push past him, yet Ramsey puts that Katt Williams ~ above him(Ha, I had to. I’m sorry!). Ramsey said, “I’ll permit you up if you’ll it is in calm.” climate Alex comes out the back. Once he sees her, he apologizes because that bringing her parents to the house, but let her recognize that that is leaving and gave her the key.

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Meanwhile, Lushion is in ~ the police station taking a picture of the wall surface where the pictures of the please rookies are. As he’s doing that, Claudia comes to him and is like, “You’re stressed; we have to go the end for a beer.” Lushion is like, “Nope, no a good idea.” therefore Claudia asks that if Pete is okay, i m sorry Lushion doesn’t know, and then she says, “Did you understand he has a 4-year old? I’ve been looking up part stuff.” Lushion’s like, “You’re taking this also far.” then Claudia speak him again, “Come top top Lushion, it’s just a beer. But whenever friend wanna talk, here’s my number.” Lushion kept telling her the it’s no a good idea, even though Claudia to be trying to placed the number in his phone. Lushion claimed one last time, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” climate Natalie rolls increase behind him and is like, “Neither do I.”

And the episode ends!

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