an imaginative “promposals” space all the rage these days amongst high schoolers. However this one didn’t go so well.

A an elderly at Riverview High school in Sarasota, Florida, recently chose to ask a girl come the prom through holding increase a sign.

the read, “If i was black I’d be choose cotton, yet I’m white so i’m picking u 4 Prom?”

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The student has been identified as noah Crowley, according to a statement from his family’s attorney obtained by

A photo of Crowley stop the authorize was posted to social media – where world love to have nuanced conversations on race – end the weekend. It automatically sparked outrage, v someone ~ above Snapchat asking, “Whooo claimed this was OK?”

The institution didn’t think it to be OK. Acting principal Kathy Wilks sent out a letter to parental Monday saying the institution is investigating and also “absolutely does no condone or support the post conveyed in this post,” follow to affiliate WFLA.

The Sarasota County institution District sweet in too. It sent in counselors to Riverview High college in situation students want to talk about the controversy and said the would work with polite rights teams such together the NAACP to build a roundtable forum come talk about race.

“Many who saw the article … room understandably upset through its contents and also commentary,” the school district said in a statement. “This occurrence remains an recurring investigation and also any disciplinary activity and reference will it is in made accordingly.

“Although this article is one student’s opinion, we take the matter of gyeongju relations and school safety seriously, and we look forward to working with our students and also these exterior groups to have actually a meaningful and informative dialogue and also expanded curriculum concerned this important national topic.”

The promposal sign additionally caught the attention of the regional NAACP chapter, which condemned that message.

“A strong statement demands to be made to your student body the this type of habits will no be tolerated on any kind of of ours campuses throughout the school district, and, if so, there space going to be serious consequences,” Trevor Harvey, chairman of the NAACP’s Sarasota chapter, told WFLA.

Crowley had currently apologized on society media. However his parents, through their attorney’s statement, apologized too.

“While our son has actually apologized himself, on behalf of ours family, us wish to also express our many sincere apologies for the terrible words supplied in his ‘promposal.’ us love our child dearly and also know the he is a far better person 보다 reflected in this reckless behavior. That said, as loving parents, we additionally feel compelled come share our own deep regret and also serious concern about his actions,” the statement reads.

“As a family, us truly acknowledge this event is a very an overwhelming but vital life lesson and pledge to perform all we can to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. Certainly, us hope that all of the people and also communities who were hurt and offended will certainly forgive our son and also family.”

Crowley and his household have likewise decided he won’t be attending any upcoming school functions, including Riverview High School’s prom, set for might 5, or graduation.

Riverview student Erin Williams, that posted a photo of the authorize to Facebook, felt the promposal was a joke the went too far.

“I think it to be something that he thought was gonna be funny, however its not,” Williams, who is black, called WFLA.

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“So this is a good thing to speak about, due to the fact that you need to recognize miscellaneous to readjust it, and also then you have to keep it that way,” she added.