When friend block someone’s number, there’s no unique folder where blocked messages from this number go. Those texts go into the digital nirvana.

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That’s why friend won’t receive and can’t obtain old message messages native a blocked number.

If you desire to learn all around whether you get old message messages indigenous a clogged number, climate you’re in the best place.

Let’s jump appropriate in!

What Happens once You Block who on her Phone?

If girlfriend no much longer want to receive text messages from someone, you just block their text messages.

Blocking someone on her phone will prevent any type of of their messages from getting here on her phone.

It will essentially prevent them from ever sending the message.


They will watch that their message was sent, yet it, in fact, will never ever go through.

Do you want to stop annoying phone calls?

This method also works v actual phone call calls.

Those civilization will not have the ability to see if you have actually blocked them in ~ all.

They could even shot and discover out why you have actually not responded to their text or calls.

The funny part is that those messages will certainly not go with either.

However, once they speak to you, they will certainly be motivated to leaving a voice message.

This will be their only indicator the you don’t want to it is in disturbed. Due to the fact that they will think girlfriend either have actually your phone call turned off, or they were blocked.

They could get the hint after a few tries to speak to you.

You can constantly listen come voice messages the they leave while gift blocked.


Simply inspect your voice messages.

Be warned, though. Lock may have left more voice messages than you would like.

As much as texts go, there is no secret folder that messages go to when they send while blocked.

That is why over there is NO an approach to obtain text messages from a blocked phone number.

You would have to unblock that human to start seeing your texts.

What wake up if you Unblock a Number?

Unblocking a number will enable text message to be obtained again, but only after gift unblocked.

However, you will certainly not have the ability to get any old messages that were sent out while that human being was blocked.


They will certainly never recognize if they were ever blocked or unblocked.

The just thing castle will recognize is what friend respond to.

Calls will begin going v again and will not be sent directly to a voice article option.

Don’t it is in fooled by Data restore apps that promise the you can recover messages from blocked numbers.

There is no secret data folder the those messages go to.

Those Data recovery apps will only recover turned off messages from your deleted history.


Those apps will not permit old blocked message messages from gift sent.

That being said, friend can always check the end a few Data recovery apps ~ above the application market on her phone.

Depending top top what kind of phone friend have and also the app.

How perform I Retrieve Blocked message Messages on iPhone?

If you suddenly want to begin receiving messages from a blocked number on an iPhone, you need to go through the steps to unblock the number.

Remember, though, the there is no way to get old messages from who while they were blocked.


Here are the measures to unblock a number on one iPhone:

Tap the “Settings” icon from the home screen on your phoneScroll under to the “Phone” icon and also tap the iconScroll it spins you view the “call blocking and identification” tabTap that, and you will view an modify buttonHit the edit switch to see more options buttonYou should have the ability to unblock the numbers that you want to unblock

This an approach can be used to remove annoying spam calls and text messages.

How perform I Retrieve Blocked text Messages top top Android?

If you desire to get messages from a clogged number on one Android phone, you need to go with the measures to unblock the number.

Remember, though, the there is no way to get texts from someone while they were blocked.


Here are the actions to unblock a number on an iPhone:

Open her Android phone call app

Go come the “Contact” tab in ~ the bottom that the screenTap the three dots (also referred to as the “more” icon)Select “Settings”Select block numbersThere must be a minus sign next to the number you great to unblockPress that minus, and also you will have actually that number unblocked

This technique can be supplied to remove annoying spam calls and text messages.

When you Unblock someone on Facebook execute You gain Their Messages?

Just prefer with actual phone call messages, their old messages will certainly not have the ability to be viewed while blocked.


This also goes for unblocking them.

The message messages they sent out while blocked will never be able to be recovered.

How can You Prove the a Text blog post Was ever before Sent to mine Phone?

If over there was critical text message that you want to prove the you sent, then shot looking in ~ the phone that sent out it.

The sender will have actually a timestamp and the sent blog post on their phone.


If they to be blocked, climate you will never receive the message, yet the sender will have it show up on their phone.

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This suggests that they will let you watch the sent message and also if so, then you deserve to see the sent message and the time they sent out it.