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MadMack66 via Flickr A former soldier who was for this reason fascinated through the TV series "Ice road Truckers" that he flew come Canada to become one, died when his gigantic rig careened turn off a frozen highway featured in the show. Brett Colley, 45, was eliminated when his truck came off of one of the toughest roads in the human being in sub-zero temperatures and plunged under an embankment.

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The former gunner had been control his rig through the remote Pink Mountain region of Canada when the accident taken place on the notorious Alaska Highway on November 13.

Mr Colley, a father-of-one, relocated from Bewdley, Worcs., to Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, 18 months back to fulfil his lifelong ambitious of driving along the treacherous roads made renowned by truth TV show "Ice road Truckers."

The programme adheres to HGV drivers as they overcome frozen lakes and also dangerously-thin ice cream in temperature of minus 30 degrees in Canada and also the USA.

But tragically, grandfather Colley was delivering food supplies with a co-driver as soon as their van inexplicably left the highway close to Pink mountain in the foothills that the Rocky Mountains.

The imperial Canadian placed Police are right now investigating the accident and have interviewed Brett"s co-driver, that miraculously survived.

But they have actually told his family members it may still take it up to six months to uncover what go wrong.

Mr Colley"s sisters Alex Fidoe, 41, who currently lives in Perth, Australia, stated it to be the present that fired his imagination.

Paying tribute to she brother, she said: "Brett love the outdoors and adventure and also he to be hooked top top the "Ice roadway Truckers" TV present when it very first came the end in the U.K.

"He used to clock it religiously and around two years back he actually applied to be on the show, yet was unsuccessful.

"But common Brett, he was undeterred and he applied for a task with H and also R Transport, which has routes along the ice roadways in Canada.

"He joined the company 18 months back and at very first he to be doing drives with the U.S. Deserts, yet his goal was to obtain a possibility to take trip the ice cream roads.

"He finally got his chance about six months back when they placed him ~ above the Alaska Superhighway course that absorbs frozen lakes and also has to be featured ~ above the TV present he loved so much.

"He was really excited when they put him on the route. He"d completed his ambition after the town hall the present all those year ago.

"It made us all yes, really proud. I told all my friends the my brothers was a real-life ice roadway trucker."

Mr Colley"s wife Svetlana, whom he met in London, and also their four-year-old kid Misha live in Russia, however the family members were to plan to accomplish up in Bewdley for a huge family get-together over Christmas and also the brand-new Year.

Mr Colley"s grieving mommy Rita Colley, who still stays in Bewdley, paid tribute to she "vibrant" son.

She said: "Brett was really looking front to being reunited with his wife and son and also the remainder of the family.

"It was going to it is in a large do. Even his sister, who had actually emigrated come Australia, was coming home.

"He had actually recently used for long-term residency in Canada and was hoping to relocate his household out there because that good.

"His death has hit united state all very hard yet we recognize he to be doing something the he yes, really enjoyed."

Mr Colley was employed by the phibìc American transport agency after they were impressed through his CV – which included the truck driving skills he had actually learned if serving through the 39th Regiment royal Artillery 20 years ago.

Mrs Colley said: "He spent around six years in the army after joining together a teenager, and that"s whereby he obtained his HGV licence.

"He was involved in the clean-up procedure after the Falklands conflict.

"He also later did some job-related for the United countries in Bosnia and Croatia. He love the army but he want to check out the world and also had a real passion for travelling and adventure.

"He to be a genuine outdoors form and enjoyed life to the full."

His sisters added: "He to be a an extremely vibrant person, complete of personality. He was one of those human being who lit up a room once he walked in.

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"If you sent him under the street because that a loaf of bread it would take him 2 hours because everyone he bumped into, he knew.

"He had such a big heart. That was very kind-natured and really much a family members man. He was always smiling."


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