PresidentJoe Biden has actually yet come rein in his devastating policies shielding illegal aliensfrom arrest and deportation. A recent relocate by his management went a stepfurther by scrubbing information from a windy database highlighting part ofthe worst criminal aliens still in ~ large, and also thus keeping the American peoplefrom discovering their crimes and also helping legislation enforcement recognize theirwhereabouts.

According come Jon Feere that the center for immigrant Studies, the Biden administration removed 6 criminal aliens native Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) “Most Wanted” list. The half-dozen illegal aliens space at-large offenders whose victims’ families had reached out to ice for assistance. The 6 fugitives are wanted because that the following:

Saul Chavez: charged through vehicular homicide in cook County, IllinoisGonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez: charged v vehicular homicide in Gilmer County, GeorgiaJesus Maltos-Chacon: charged v homicide and also vehicular manslaughter in Baton Rouge, LouisianaEdwin Meija: charged with vehicular homicide in Omaha, NebraskaAlan Jacob Mogollon-Anaya: charged through vehicular homicide in Washington County, TennesseeLuis Alberto Rodriguez-Castro: charged v homicide and also vehicular manslaughter in Kill evil one Hills, north Carolina

These suspects disappeared native ICE’s “Most Wanted” list without a push release or publicly notices justifying their removal. So, the question should be asked: why is the Biden administration concealing the identities of criminal international nationals who pose a an extremely real risk to the basic public and should be removed from the country?

With all ofthese doubt holding serious homicide-related charges, consisting of driving whileintoxicated during the the supervisory board of their offense, the public should have theright to recognize that this dangerous individuals might be roaming theirneighborhoods. Burying information around these assailants to reduce thelikelihood of your capture, which could lead to another opportunity because that them tocommit extr avoidable offenses.

This decision complies with the administration’s ending of the victims of immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) program, which to be created by the Trump management to administer aid to victim of illegal extraterrestrial crimes. Instead, president Biden’s administration has replaced VOICE v the Victim Engagement and Services Line. This program aims to increase support services to illegal aliens that allege to it is in crime victims. 

Once again, president Biden is prioritizing migrants who disregarded our immigration legislations over American citizen – even those who have actually committed egregious offenses.

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This administration’s plans of not removing immigration legislation violators and also shielding their crimes cast aside victims of illegal extraterrestrial crime and their families.