These space weird concerns to ask around dessert, but considering that ns was stop a cigarette smoking cup that rainbow-colored cereal-like balls, and my other foodies were crunching on them and also crafting smoke rings, ns felt some advice was necessary. 

As a West shore transplant, the been part time because I’ve to be a freezing, parka-wearing cloud-breather. Yet now ns re-creating the experience, sans shivering, through Dragon’s Breath, a liquid nitrogen–infused dessert that turns your mouth right into a vapor machine. Imported from southern Korea, this new treat is icy to the touch, each multicolored sphere around the dimension of a marble. 

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Don’t think that it together food, think food-tainment. Vapor billowed from mine cup, small pillowy clouds coalescing above my hands. I provided a pole to ar one in my mouth, and the very first bite released an additional thick waft of smoke. The more experienced Dragon’s Breath individual in the crowd were exhaling through the nose, developing the dragonlike resemblance for which the snack is named, albeit a Puff-style dragon with a penchant for children’s cereal. 

When the fluid nitrogen access time the cereal balls, lock start changing hue, moving from a pastel the shade to fluorescent main colors.

As a lifelong street lover, I’m difficult to please, having experimented through Australian fairy floss, salivated end deep-fried liquid bars and puzzled my way through avocado-and-cactus ice cream cream (weirdly delicious). But Dragon’s Breath is something else — other so unexplained that the line because that the cacao Chair, the dessert bar in mountain Francisco’s Japan facility that sells them, was three-people-deep. 

Twenty-four-year-old Cesar Rojas, who works behind the counter, has a program with a rhythm come it: Scoop the cereal balls right into a mix bowl, twist open the liquid nitrogen valve, shake the balls and then serve with a flourish. “It’s well-known with adults and kids,” Rojas claims as he overcome a steaming cup to an excited customer. 

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The fluid nitrogen provides the magic happen, and also the cacao Chair has vast tanks the the stuff. The cereal balls space flash frozen in less than 90 seconds, a procedure that likewise causes tiny ice cream crystals to kind on the external of the bowl. When the fluid nitrogen access time the cereal balls, lock start an altering hue, changing from a pastel the shade to fluorescent main colors. Rojas states that color adjust is a signifier they’re all set to go. “It’s weird, yet you obtain used to it,” the says. “It tastes favor Froot Loops.” 

The structure is light and also crunchy, and also while it’s not the most delicious dessert, the entertainment element makes it worthy of lot of visits. Currently obtainable at 4 locations in California, Dragon’s Breath is cheap enough — $4.99 because that a tiny order, $6.99 because that a large — for the adventurous to gain their dragon on, and also so really Instagrammable.