Former chairman Donald Trump speaks at a rally on Sept. 25, 2021, in Perry, Georgia. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Two-thirds of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they would favor to see previous President Donald Trump proceed to it is in a major political number for numerous years to come, consisting of 44% who say castle would prefer him to operation for chairman in 2024, follow to a Pew Research center survey that U.S. Adults conducted Sept. 13 come 19.

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About one-in-five republicans (22%) say that while lock would like Trump to proceed to it is in a major political figure in the joined States, they would like he use his stature come support one more presidential candidate who shares his views in the 2024 election rather than operation for office himself. Around a third of republic (32%) to speak they would certainly not choose Trump to continue to be a national political figure for countless years to come.

Pew Research center conducted this research to understand the public’s opinions top top Donald Trump’s politics future, consisting of whether he need to potentially run for president in 2024. This study also examines what Republicans and also Democrats consider acceptable behavior for chosen officials in ~ their own parties. Because that this analysis, us surveyed 10,371 U.S. Adult in September 2021. Everyone that took part in this inspection is a member that the Center’s American patterns Panel (ATP), an digital survey panel that is recruited v national, random sampling the residential addresses. This way nearly every U.S. Adults have a opportunity of selection. The inspection is weighted to it is in representative that the U.S. Adult population by gender, race, ethnicity, partisan affiliation, education and also other categories. Read much more about the ATP’s methodology.

Here are the questions supplied for the report, along with responses, and also its methodology.


The share of Republicans who say trump should proceed to it is in a major national number has get an impression 10 portion points – from 57% to 67% – since a January survey that was carried out in the waning days of his management and in the immediate wake of the Jan. 6 riot in ~ the U.S. Capitol.

Views among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents are basically unchanged end this time period. Today, 92% of democracy say they would certainly not like to view Trump continue to be a major national political figure in the future, while just 7% speak they would like to watch this.

Among Republicans, see on even if it is Trump should continue to be a significant political number or operation for office in the next presidential election vary by age, education and ideology.


For example, 72% of Republicans through some college suffer or much less (who make up a clear bulk of Republicans) speak Trump must be a major figure, with half saying he have to run for president in 2024. By contrast, a narrower majority (54%) of Republicans with a college degree or more say Trump should remain a significant figure, including just 28% that say he must run because that office in the following presidential election.

Among conservative Republicans, there is widespread support for Trump remaining a nationwide political figure: Three-quarters prefer this, consisting of 49% that say he should run because that president again in 2024. Moderate and liberal republic are more divided: 51% to speak he need to play an ongoing political role, with 33% saying he must run because that president self in 2024; 47% say he must not continue to pat a major political role.

Nearly two-thirds of republicans say your party must not be accepting of chosen officials who slam Trump

A 63% bulk of republic say your party must be not too (32%) or no at all (30%) accepting of chosen officials who openly criticize Trump, according to the new survey. Simply 36% of republicans say the GOP must be really (11%) or rather (26%) accepting of public official who carry out so.


By contrast, about six-in-ten democracy say the autonomous Party should be very (17%) or rather accepting (40%) of autonomous elected officials that openly slam President Joe Biden.

Majorities the Republicans and also Democrats alike say their party must be accepting of elected officials that agree through the various other party on vital issues. Two-thirds of democrats say the democratic Party need to be agree of democratic officials that agree v the GOP on crucial issues. A slimmer majority of republic (55%) speak the GOP have to be agree of officials that agree with Democrats ~ above some necessary issues.

The survey also asked about the acceptability of chosen officials from one party calling their counterparts in the other party “evil.” A majority of democrats (57%) and also about half of republic (52%) say your parties need to be not too or not at all accepting of public official who perform this.

About four-in-ten democracy (41%) say your party should be accepting of chosen officials in their own party who contact GOP public representative evil, with 13% saying their party must be really accepting that this. Amongst Republicans, 46% say their party have to be accepting of public representative who contact their democratic counterparts evil, including 18% who say the party have to be really accepting of this officials.


The share of Republicans who say their party need to be agree of chosen officials that openly criticize Trump has declined because March. Today, 36% of republicans say it is at least somewhat acceptable for Republican chosen officials to openly criticize Trump, under from 43% earlier this year.

There has also been a decline in the re-superstructure of Democrats who say your party need to be accepting of autonomous elected officials who openly criticize Biden. A narrow bulk of democracy (57%) to speak this is acceptable, under from 68% in March.

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Note: right here are the questions used for the report, together with responses, and its methodology.