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" will BE WHAT i BELIEVE," by Blake Gillette, Cedar Fort, $18.99 songbook/CD, 46 pages

“I will Be What i Believe,” by Blake Gillette is a repertoire of songs — brand-new and old — written and arranged especially for Primary-aged kids of The Church the Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints.

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When Gillette was challenged by his then main music director mam to write a tune for major he accepted. Composing tunes wasn’t something new to him.

“I had actually written a pair of EFY-style songs in high school and also on mine mission,” Gillette shares on his blog in ~, “and a pair of wedding songs for her, but I had never attempted a primary song.”

His attempt led to “I will certainly Be What ns Believe,” the beloved title song for his brand-new songbook and CD.

Along with 5 original compositions, the publication includes six pieces the Gillette phone call “mash-ups” — species of familiar Primary song or hymns as medleys. Because that example, he properly combines “I hope They contact Me top top a Mission”/“Army of Helaman,” or “My Heavenly dad Loves Me”/“I feel My Savior’s Love.” A piano solo, “One Eternal Round,” combine “I Love To see the Temple” and also “If You could Hie come Kolob,” which, in a twist of what could be wry humor, has actually the choice of being repeated in one eternal round.

Intermediate skill level on the piano is crucial to play the accompaniments easily. Listening to the CD would assist in hearing how each item is performed, specifically the initial songs. That upbeat, faith-promoting music that many Primary-aged children and their families will enjoy.

The publication contains 11 songs, when the CD contains 13. The book can be purchased with the CD included, or the book and CD might be purchased separately. 6 of the songs on the CD are performed beautiful by a children choir that includes: Afton Higbee, Chloe Barrus, Hallie Taylor, AJ Wankier, Ruby Cox, Samuel LeVitre, Sydney Anderson.

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Gillette is a full-time orthopedic surgeon in Spanish Fork, Utah, who writes music as a hobby. His website includes a music video featuring youngsters singing the book’s location song, stories about how each song came to be and tips because that performance

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