Singles are paying a psychic on Etsy to draw their soulmates in the hope of finding their one true love, and while part fans are raving around the experience, rather are unconvinced of the results.

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The seller, who is recognized as ThePsychicArtist ~ above the e-commerce site, assures to ‘draw her soulmate within 24 hours’ of purchase and also email the sketch along with a description of the person’s character.


Originally priced in ~ $67.22, the unique company is currently on sale for $33.61 per drawing, and customers are only compelled to submit your name and also birthday along with their payment.

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Looking for love? ThePsychicArtist ~ above Etsy assures to ‘draw her soulmate within 24 hours’ of purchase and email the sketch together with a summary of the person’s character

Nothing to lose: ‘This organization will carry a have fun of whom you space going to marry, describing and also drawing the physical appearance of her Soulmate!’ reads the product description 

Little is known around the California-based psychic, whom many customers described as ‘he’ in your reviews of his drawings. 

According to the seller’s bio, the is a ‘natural born psychic expert’ that has functioned with ‘governments, celebrities, judges, lawyers, and also everyone in between.’ He got called ‘PsychicArtist’ thanks to his capability to explain and also draw ‘exactly what will occur next.’

‘My drawings are very realistic and accurate,’ he created in the product description. ‘This service will carry a have fun of who you space going to marry, describing and also drawing the physical appearance of her Soulmate!’

There are an ext than 59,000 sales provided on his Etsy shop, which has gotten multiple five-star reviews end the previous week. 

A few customers shared photos of their drawings in addition to pictures of your partners come tout the accuracy that ThePsychicArtist’s predictions. 

See the resemblance? A few customers mutual photos of your drawings together with pictures of their partners come tout the accuracy the ThePsychicArtist’s predictions

‘I purchase this service from pure curiosity and also now after ~ 3 month I simply met with  wonderful man! He’s specifically how PA explained him, I’m shaking almost everywhere OMG so excited! many THANKS to YOU FOR dispersing YOUR GIFT with OTHERS!’ reads one five-star review.

The woman posted a photo of the lay out she received together with a snapshot of herself through her brand-new boyfriend — who looks as with the man in the drawing. 

‘I never ever thought I would certainly order this type of product yet now ns am so happy ns did so. I met a warm, gentile soul precisely how i wanted and also how you stated he will certainly be. Thank you,’ another five-star reviewer shared. 

‘I need to admit, i was a small skeptical in ~ first, yet three months after ns ordered, i met someone who looks the same to the drawing I to be sent!’ someone rather commented. ‘Now we space in a happy relationship and also I am literally amazed through The PA’s psychic gifts! extremely recommend this to anyone!!’ 

The Etsy shop has actually been given a boost in current weeks as a variety of TikTok users have shared videos documenting their suffer with ThePsychicArtist, despite the reviews have been mixed. 

What room the odds? one more fan shared a photograph of her brand-new boyfriend in addition to the sketch she had actually received 

Rave reviews: One mrs gushed the she met her ‘soulmate’ after ~ purchasing the drawing and also is currently planning she wedding

A tik user called Victoria defined in her video clip that she is currently married, and also the description of her soulmate actually fits her husband ‘quite well,’ however the illustration wasn’t together spot-on. 

‘I don’t think lock look that alike,’ she said. ‘But it was fun, so precious it.’

A few commenters disagreed v her evaluate and noted that she husband has comparable features come the guy in the picture.

Others mutual photos of their sketches on TikTik come ask viewers to assist them uncover the an enig men in their drawings.

‘Alright TikTok, I need your help,’ Megan James shared. ‘Look, ns wearing my increased quartz and everything. I require love! Oh, my God, I need it! … I require your aid to find him.’

Emily Strawn’s video clip detailing just how she paid for the psychic’s company has been viewed more than 3.1 million times.

Crowdsourcing: Megan James mutual the map out of her ‘soulmate’ top top TikTok and asked viewers to assist her find the bearded secret man 

Going viral: Emily Strawn’s video detailing exactly how she paid because that the psychic’s service has been viewed an ext than 3.1 million times

‘I saw a video two days back of this girl named Kennedy, and she was talking about how she uncovered this psychic artist on Etsy,’ she defined in the clip. 

‘Basically you pay to have him draw what her soulmate is going come look like and also he provides a description and also tells you once you’re an alleged to accomplish this person or whatever. 

‘Me gift me, I’m constantly up because that a challenge, therefore I uncovered that s**t and also I purchase it!’ 

In a follow-up clip, she revealed that she to be advised not to phone call anyone around his prediction, however that didn’t avoid her from sharing the psychic offered her a ‘generic description’ that the man she will supposedly meet in six months. 

However, as soon as she went to share a photo of the lay out with her tiktok followers, it appeared to have actually been erased. 

‘I don’t know if it’s choose fate informing me don’t carry out it, don’t chaos up your aura girl,’ she said. 

Feeling it: A tik user called Victoria described in her video that she is currently married, and the summary of she soulmate in reality fits she husband ‘quite well’

Close enough? Victoria didn’t think she husband looks choose the guy in the sketch, however some commenters disagreed through her assessment 

In a piece for The Verge, Makena Kelly composed that she had actually a comparable experience with the psychic, explaining the she to be advised to store the information around her soulmate confidential. 

‘You have to not relax to any other soul due to the fact that the after-effects could result in an energy blockage of your aura and also it will certainly interfere v the connection in between you and also him,’ the psychic said her. 

However, part skeptics insisted the warning has an ext to perform with keeping human being from establish they have actually received the very same sketches than aura blockages. 

‘They started putting that disclosure due to the fact that they were sending the same picture to different people,’ one tik user wrote. 

‘Do you think that probably they would simply tell friend to no share that so that they can give multiple human being the same drawing?’ someone else asked. 

With so plenty of TikTok users reflecting interest in the service, ThePsychicArtist started his own page previously this month to promote his work.