Genesis 12:3 teaches united state that “I will certainly bless those who bless you.” God will bless those who bless friend . You can take a stand for Israel. Speak up for Israel. Wake up for Israel. Pray for Israel. Bless Israel today, and may God bless friend in return.

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“They will certainly chop down her forest,”declares the LORD,“dense despite it be.They are an ext numerous 보다 locusts,they cannot be counted.” — Jeremiah 46:23

In this verses indigenous the prophet Jeremiah, us read about the pending damage of Egypt, words of destruction eerily similar to those Moses spoke hundreds of years earlier to a various Egyptian pharaoh. The time had readjusted but the story continued to be the same. Would Egypt ever before learn?

In describing the damage that would come to Egypt, God said, “They will chop under her forest,” declares the LORD, “dense though it be. Castle are an ext numerous than locusts . . .” In describing the enemies about to overcome Egypt, God compared them come locusts. This wasn’t by accident. This is a direct reference to among the 10 plagues the hit Egypt in Moses’ time. By do this connection, God was telling Egypt that they should have actually learned from their past. Yet they didn’t.

After the monumental and also miraculous destruction of Egypt brought around in Moses’ time, you would certainly think the Egypt had actually learned that is lesson and also would never touch Israel again. Yet, we check out in 1 queens 14:25–26 that simply after King Solomon‘s death, Shishak, king the Egypt, ransacked Jerusalem and also even audaciously stole every Solomon’s yellow shields. Later on in 2 queens 23:29–30, the Egyptian Pharaoh Neco eliminated the righteous king of Judah, Josiah. Countless times throughout biblical background Egypt violated Israel’s trust and either assaulted or betrayed her.

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Through His prophet Jeremiah, God was saying enough is enough. The time for judgment had actually come.

Today, we need to ask the same question: will Israel’s enemies ever learn? Throughout background God has punished those that oppress Israel. Why perform nations continue to provoke Him?

In the second component of Genesis 12:3, God says, “whoever curses girlfriend I will certainly curse.” as God said, it will be. Take it a look in ~ Joel 3:1–2, “In those days and also at the time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem I will certainly gather all nations and carry them under to the valley of Jehoshaphat. There ns will put them on trial for what they walk to my inheritance, my civilization Israel, due to the fact that they scattered my people amongst the nations and divided up mine land.”

God has revitalized the Jewish human being to Judah. The nations have already divided increase the land. The just thing left is judgment. As two components of the prophecy have already come true, we should bless those that bless Israel, those that bless girlfriend , and have confidence that the remainder will be fulfilled in early time. Opponents of Israel, take note!