“Lawyers, Guns and also Money” through Warren Zevon shows up on his 3rd studio album, Excitable boy (1978).Zevon told a story about how he involved write the song. He claimed he was in… review More 

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(One, two, three, four)I went house with the waitressThe method I constantly doHow was ns to knowShe was v the Russians too?I was gambling in HavanaI took a little riskSend lawyers, guns, and moneyDad, get me out of thisHa!I'm the innocent bystanderAnd somehow I got stuckBetween the rock and also the tough placeAnd I'm down on mine luckYes, I'm down on mine luckWell, I'm under on mine luckNow I'm hiding in HondurasI'm a no hope manSend lawyers, guns, and moneyThe shit has actually hit the fan
Alright, send lawyers, guns, and moneyHuh, yeahSend lawyers, guns, and also moneyUhSend lawyers, guns, and also moneyHeySend lawyers, guns, and also moneyOoh, yeahYeahYeah
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“Lawyers, Guns and Money” by Warren Zevon appears on his third studio album, Excitable Boy (1978).


Excitable boy (1978)
Warren Zevon
Lawyers, Guns and also Money
Written By
Warren Zevon
Asylum Records
Rick Marotta
Warren Zevon
Waddy Wachtel
Kenny Edwards
Asylum Records
Asylum Records
Recorded At
The Sound Factory, Hollywood, CA
Release Date
January 18, 1978
Cover By
Lawyers, Guns and Money by The Wallflowers, Lawyers, Guns and Money by Meat Loaf & Lawyers, weapons & Money by Stage Dolls
Performed Live As
Lawyers, Guns and also Money (Live, 1980) by Warren Zevon, Lawyers, Guns and Money (Live) by Warren Zevon, Laywers, Guns and Money (Remastered) by Warren Zevon, Lawyers, firearms & Money (NIC) by Warren Zevon, Lawyers, guns & Money (TSP) by Warren Zevon & Lawyers, Guns and Money (Live, LIB) by Warren Zevon

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