Both statements room correct. The only question is whether one is an ext appropriate in the circumstances.

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If a friend claimed to friend in a surprised tone:

Didn"t you gain your coach anything for his date of birth today?

You can wsilverlakestyle.com reply:

I wasn"t even aware (that) it"s his date of birth today.

suggesting that there was no factor why girlfriend should have actually been aware and also that it hadn"t been lugged to her attention.

It would also be exactly to say:

I didn"t know (that) it"s his date of birth today.

The concepts of awareness and knowledge overlap. The previous is more often used to carry something come someone"s attention, specifically when providing a warning.

Are you conscious that parking meters have been installed?

Are you conscious that taxes room due by the finish of the week.

The latter is much more often offered in the context of learning, memory and experience.

The silverlakestyle.com reference given by olegst over gives friend a more academic explanation of their origins.

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