One thing that connects most Caribbean archipelago (besides the significant weather) is a strong religious influence. You more than likely won’t an alert it if visiting ~ above a casual holidays or job in port. But once friend live on an island, the importance of church in islanders’ stays becomes conveniently apparent.

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So ns wasn’t very surprised when I noticed a very huge (and new) sign put up near one of my rock’s liven intersections. The headline boldly proclaiming “God’s Ten Commandments” in (what else) shiny yellow letters. Actually, it’s not simply one sign however a pair of matching billboards flanking the roadway which likewise happens to be one of the archipelago two key thoroughfares. Strategic placement. From an heralding standpoint, I should applaud this move. Fine done, spiritual island entity, whoever friend are!

And recently, when I once again drove previous the pair of spiritual reminders (their emotion contrasting nicely through the sound of empty wine and also beer bottles rolling about in the back of my truck – don’t judge, it was recycling day), it got me thinking about what one Island Girl’s Commandments might be. Would there be the classic 10? Doubtful, due to the fact that we don’t really favor to monitor rules. Yet if us did have any, what would certainly such guidelines look like?

If you happen to worship at the altar that sunshine and umbrella drinks (as ns do), below are a few I come up with. (Tip: These will be infinitely more dramatic if friend imagine them being read like this. Bonus points if you know this film. Extra bonus point out if you’ve watched the totality four hours of Charlton Heston’s buff, topless bounty. The look that has actually inspired Island Players ever since? Possibly.)

Thou Shall keep Thy Hair Moisturized

Long, luscious locks and also life on an island room two things that don’t necessarily walk together. Yet flowing, normally highlighted hair is what numerous Island girl crave. Well, at the very least this one. After all, naught looks quite as sexy as a head complete of long tousled coast curls blowing in the breeze. Amiright? Sadly, maintaining healthy and balanced hair while living in the tropics is especially difficult. Especially if you also color your hair…like me. Hello grey streaks, I’m talking to you when I to speak “I dislike you.”

Unfortunately, ignoring your tresses is an invite to be rocking that Annie Lennox cropped carry out very, really quickly. To keep your locks lush and also flowing, you should be vigilant in this fight! daily conditioner, weekly deep air conditioning treatments, continual salon appointments. Execute it all. Then execute it again. And don’t forget to slather on that conditioner before you struggle the waves. Mom Ocean may give us plenty of wonderful things, but an excellent hair isn’t one of them. You’ve been warned.

Thou candlestick Wear Sunscreen

What’s not to love around a year-round climate that practically demands you spend copious quantities of time in the sunshine on or near the water? and who’s going come complain around having a sun-kissed skin tone, one the positively screams “I live in the tropics?!?!” (especially as soon as one returns to the mainland. In winter.) Yes, despite the admonitions from every dermatologist on the globe, most Island girl go with an initial step of sun worshipping in part form. Even if it is it’s baking by the pool or gaining a tan if frolicking ~ above the beach, we’ve every been there and also done that.

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It’s all component of the impressive island lifestyle.

Perfect because that pinning.