Jennifer Greenburg's topics don't just dress favor it's the '50s, they likewise drive cars and also decorate their homes as if Eisenhower were still in office.

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The subjects in Jennifer Greenburg's photos not just dress prefer it’s the 1950s, they likewise drive cars and decorate their dwellings as if Eisenhower were still in office. They're part of the rocker billy community, which Greenburg has actually spent much more than a decade photographing.

“There are people out over there who very legitimately want to imitate the 1950s,” she says. “They relocate to the suburbs, have the 2 kids and live a behind a white picket fence.”

Rockabilly principally refers to a genre that music popular in the 1950s that mashes absent 'n role with numerous other varieties of music consisting of country and rhythm and blues. Some of the most renowned Rockabilly stars include Elvis and also Carl Perkins. Nowadays, rockabilly is thought about a subculture comprised of civilization who surround themselves with items from that time period.

Greenburg, that is an assistant professor of photography in ~ Indiana university Northwest, claims she has gathered vintage clothing yet never knew people took recreating the 1950s way of life to such lengths before she began the project. At first she to be a little bit taken aback, yet she soon acquired to know members of the community and came to know the Rockabillies like any type of other subculture.

“I think that everybody feel the have to belong to something,” she says. “ has actually an external appearance that world sometimes wrestle with, however it’s not any much more out there than a lot of other communities human being belong to. Take marathon running, just as one example. I might never imagine that being part of mine culture.”

Greenburg, 36, claims she was cautious to technique the project without any type of presumptions and also never rushed right into the photography.

“I never wanted to be the photographer taking photos of the freak display or the pets at the zoo,” she says. “I took the moment to get to really know people and over time i was definitely in the culture. Ns was a lot as part of it together I wasn’t.”

A range of world participate in the rockabilly community. Greenburg photographed bankers, teachers and academics. Numerous were also union members with blue-collar jobs; welders, laborers and carpenters. The Rockabilly culture appeals to the crowd, she says, because the 1950s were a time once union work-related was respected.

“I’d say fifty percent the civilization I photographed still operated these type of jobs,” she says.

The main component of the job took almost a decade and also Greenburg quiet talks v or visits plenty of of the world she photographed. She normally spends new Year's with the family members in the photo who are sitting in the front of the television, and also she’s maintained tabs on people like the child in the cowboy gain up, that is now 14.

“For the most part I’m actively in touch,” she says.

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When describing the project, Greenburg says people often questioning just exactly how far world take the 1950s theme. There space the clothes, the props, the homes, and she says sometimes there is a really hetero-normative feel to the families. There’s a mom, and she has her role, and dad has actually his role. But she’s never ever run right into anyone that takes the racial views of the 1950s, or is an active believer in McCarthyism and wants to track under all the commies.

“Most civilization aren’t doing any type of kind of historic research, they’re just taking what they saw in old LIFE or Look magazines,” Greenburg says. “They’re acquisition the many idealized version of the 1950s and also creating your life roughly that.”