Recently, the 1950s housewife lifestyle has actually become much more popular. Maybe it’s since of shows prefer Mad men (which to be actually collection in the 60s), or because people space getting worn down of your hectic lifestyles and also wish because that “the simple great old days,” or because that a hold of other reasons. But regardless that why that lifestyle is do a comeback, there’s no denying over there is some appeal come it. Retro ads and also illustrations always make 50s world seem for this reason happy (and stylish)! But Should girlfriend Be like an Old Fashioned 1950s Housewife? Let’s see if we can answer the question!


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As with any lifestyle, there are pros and also cons and more neutral facets of the way of life to consider. Relying on your personality and expectations, you might love or hate emulating the life of an old fashioned housewife.

Should girlfriend Be favor an Old Fashioned 1950s Housewife?

Who was the 1950s Housewife?

First that all, let’s think about what do a 50s housewife different from a mrs in the years before or after. Civilization War II officially ended in 1945, for this reason a 50s mrs was not a Rosie the Riveter. With all the males back, many women were driven out that the workforce and also were back at house (though some females did control to store their jobs, through women consisting of a 3rd of the workforce in the 50s). However in general, the 50s was all around being traditional. ~ the horrors the the war, it to be comforting for world to fall ago into the security of timeless gender roles and also social norms. Men worked and also made the big decisions, and the women remained at house with the kids and also kept the family running. That course, everyone’s life wasn’t choose that, yet generally that’s what life was prefer for most middle-class white households in the 50s. Minorities and people with lower incomes had a much more comprehensive variety that lifestyles in the 50s, but this timeless conformity was an alleged to be the ideal.


Nowadays once we look earlier at those times, many civilization like to make it sound as though every mrs was dissatisfied in her traditional role. And of course, some women were, i m sorry is why points have due to the fact that changed. But a many women were additionally either 100% satisfied v their life as it was, or happy v at the very least the bulk of it. That’s due to the fact that different lifestyles very nice one to various people. What some civilization call conformity, others speak to comforting structure. What some speak to a boring, by-the-book life others speak to relaxed and simple. Save this in mind as you think about whether you want to embrace the lifestyle of a 1950s housewife or not.

Reasons come Be favor an 1950s Housewife

So through women having operated so difficult to acquire to whereby we room now, why would anyone desire to go practically 70 years back in time? from what I’ve seen, there are four main reasons.

1. An easy Living- Life is just so crazy and facility these days. There is so lot going on, and also as a modern woman, you have to stay on optimal of that all. But earlier in the 50s, you could take a step earlier and let your husband deal with an ext of it. Some world view this as offering up independence. However you could also see it as delegating responsibilities, as a type of measured give and take.

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2. Family- us all recognize that no matter what commercials shot to make us believe, in ~ the end of the day, family and love room the most essential things. So some ladies would choose to be able to devote your time come their household instead of come a career outside of the home.

3. Enjoyment- Different civilization like different things. Some civilization truly love the obstacles of managing a family members (and it is truly challenging). They take it pride in keeping their home neat and tidy and cultivating a safe, loving setting for their family. For this reason for some women, a day spent reorganizing the pantry is preferred to a day spent having actually meetings or handling clients.

4. Religion- The timeless 50s way of life fit closer with the ideals that Christianity 보다 some modern-day lifestyles do. Together a result, some world have spiritual reasons why they like the way of living of a 1950s housewife.

Things to take into consideration Before ending up being a 1950s Housewife

Does one (or more) that the reasons above appeal come you? Or maybe you’re ~ above the fence about the entirety 50s housewife thing. Below are some points to keep in mind before you walk shopping for retro aprons!

1. Life is about balance. No one says you need to go 100% old fashioned when emulating the 50s housewife lifestyle. Maybe you do most of the homemaking tasks, but leave her husband in charge of cleaning (believe the or not, some males actually choose to clean). Or maybe you still work outside of the home, but as soon as you obtain home, it’s 1950s time! Or possibly you discover a means to make money indigenous home. Over there are ways to merge classic and contemporary ideas to produce the perfect way of living for you.

2. Gift a housewife (from any era) is challenging. friend do have actually some conveniences nowadays, that course, as a an outcome of technology. No 50s housewife ever before said “I’ll just run the Roomba for 30 minute while I rest for a bit!” yet still, managing a residence (even a small home) is hard, v or without youngsters in it. Don’t be tricked by old ads, not every 50s housewife managed to it is in amazingly happy, look impeccable, and also keep a spotless residence day in and also day out. Life is messy, and also no one, of any era, is perfect.

3. Being a housewife is now a choice. and also choices adjust things. It’s an extremely different to execute something since you desire to versus because culture wants friend to. Nowadays, if who asks you what friend do and you speak “I’m a housewife/stay at house mom,” it’s very likely they may be a small jealous. They might wish that they have more time to spend on your own home and more time to invest with their kids. Not that girlfriend should ever before do something just because of what other people may think. But just understand that being a housewife is much more respected this days than ever before before.

4. Valuing money doesn’t median you don’t value family. Some world act together though it’s just one or the other. But as ladies prove time and time again, you can have a effective career and be an exceptional wife and/or mother. Just since you respect money and also what it can buy doesn’t typical you’re somehow blind to exactly how much her family way to you.


5. Just because you’re a housewife doesn’t typical you can’t it is in a feminist. together I stated earlier, some things simply appeal more to details people. Just since you love homemaking doesn’t mean you’re not a strong, elevation woman.

6. It’s difficult to actually become a 1950s housewife. Mainly since this isn’t the 1950s! 50s females didn’t pick to it is in the way they were, they to be a product of the times. So even if you do a concerted initiative to be prefer an old-fashioned housewife, you’re still going come be life in the 21st century and also it’s going to influence you. Who knows, in a pair of years you might step external to choose up her grocery delivery from a self-driving car! No 50s woman can even dream of law that! so don’t be upset if you can’t perfectly develop the way of life you read about in old magazines or watch in old movies. Just take the parts most important to you and incorporate it into your contemporary life.

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So, must you be a 1950s housewife? That’s as much as you! There’s nothing bad around emulating the lifestyle. Yet obviously, it won’t be a great fit for everyone. Whether or not you gain it is walking to count on what you desire out that life. Why not offer it a shot one weekend and see just how much of it (if any) sticks. In the end, it’s all about finding what’s right for you and also your family.

What perform you think around the 1950s housewife lifestyle? Does any of the appeal come you?