Social media users space still obsessed with the viral ‘can ns pet the dog’ tiktok that to be posted over a year ago. Yet did you understand the original video clip has actually been deleted?

TikTok videos walk viral every day, and also getting many views, likes and comments on your video can feel really rewarding. Yet internet fame likewise comes through it’s downfalls, and one of lock is gift exposed to virtual hate and trolling.

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That’s specifically what occurred with this TikTok, as a really adorable and also well-known video clip has had to it is in removed following some nasty comments.


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What is the ‘can i pet the dog’ TikTok?

The ‘can i pet the dog’ tik was originally posted by a user dubbed
kayholleyy top top October 2nd 2019, and it became a certain favourite among viewers.

The video, which acquired millions of views and went famous on society media, shows an adorable small boy asking to pet his new dog prior to he goes come bed. He repeatedly asks “can i pet that dog”, acquiring louder and also louder every time he says it.

Later videos revealed that they had adopted a Yorkie a few days before, however mother Kayla didn’t desire to allow the dog near her child for a couple of days due to the fact that the rescue dog was a tiny anxious. It is why he was so no hope to pet the dog in the video.

Watch the hilariously adorable video clip below.


kayholleyy deleted every one of the videos from her 350,000 follower account and also announced the she would certainly be leaving TikTok. As soon as you visit her profile, the bio currently reads: “Our tiktok journey has come to an end. Sorry. Lot love.”

Kayla left TikTok and also deleted all her videos, consisting of the viral ‘can ns pet that dog’ as result of the enhancing amount of dislike her young son was getting on the app. One video clip remains on she profile which explains why she wiped her account.

She said: “Those space my sweet chaste son’s videos. I want to re-publishing his love and also light and also personality through the world because he is for this reason pure and also full of personality. But the current messages and comments were obtaining increasingly more negative and also hateful.”

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kayholleyy had been receiving lots of nasty messages around her son, mocking his accent and insulting the in horrific ways. Therefore, whilst there are duplicates of the video clip on YouTube and also social media, every one of the videos have actually been turned off from TikTok.


I won’t permit him to it is in a target that hate any type of longer that is precious and innocent-this is our farewell. God bless. No hashtags needed.

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