A new book speak the story of Bobby Fuller, who was best-known because that the tune "I dealt with the Law." He to be a talented guitarist and producer who relocated from El Paso, Texas, come LA. He to be on the verge that his large break once his human body was found in his car doused in gasoline. The Los Angeles police ruled it an inadvertently death.

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In December of 1965, Bobby Fuller released his cover of this song.

(SOUNDBITE of SONG, "I battled THE LAW")

BOBBY FULLER FOUR: (Singing) Breakin" rocks in the hot sun. I battled the law and also the law won. I combated the law and the regulation won.

CORNISH: it wasn"t long prior to "I fought The Law" cracked Billboard"s top 10. Four months later, on July 18, 1966, Bobby Fuller was found dead. Alex Cohen that member station KPCC reports on a new book that explores his life and also sudden death.

ALEX COHEN, BYLINE: Bobby Fuller to be born in Baytown ~ above the east coastline of Texas. The family ultimately moved West to El Paso, where Fuller immersed himself in music.

RANDALL FULLER: He played the piano in ~ a really young age, and drums, and additionally ukulele. He"d pick up any instrument appropriate away.

COHEN: That"s Bobby"s younger brother, Randall, who also learned come play number of instruments. Together, castle performed in several local bands. Randall Fuller claims their careers acquired a boost early on thanks to the fact that El Paso to be dreadfully dull.

R. FULLER: We had a teenager club the we opened up.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Well, currently I"d favor to sing a track that I created myself.

R. FULLER: and all the children from that area would pack in over there "cause they had actually nothing rather to do. We were favor the Beatles to them.


BOBBY FULLER FOUR: (Singing) angel Face, how did i ever uncover you?

COHEN: Eventually, the Fullers establish they weren"t likely to go far in El Paso, for this reason they moved to California.


MIRIAM LINNA: It"s a combination of critical music that they choose up out in California.

COHEN: Miriam Linna is co-author, in addition to Randall Fuller, of the brand-new book, "I dealt with The Law: The Life and Strange death Bobby Fuller."

LINNA: There"s desert loneliness through a girlfriend Holly affect and also this significant blues point that really threw them over the top.


BOBBY FULLER FOUR: (Singing) Look at Bodean (ph) dancing, she"s really obtained that stompin" (ph) down.

COHEN: Linna claims Bobby Fuller to be not only a talented musician but also a hard producer. That bought old devices from a neighborhood radio station and also built a home studio in his backyard, complete with one echo chamber.


BOBBY FULLER: Hi, Bobby Fuller here. Let me call you about a show and also a run by a record band that I will be placing on in ~ Eastwood High college this Friday, august 10, native eight it rotates 11 p.m.

COHEN: Fuller was additionally a tireless promoter that shopped his tape to document labels and also radio stations any type of chance he could.


COHEN: yet it was the civil unrest that the 1960s which ultimately landed the Bobby Fuller four on the charts says his brother, Randall.

R. FULLER: With every one of the ingredient going top top around and the hippies and all the problems going on, ns told my brother, i said, we need to cut "I battled The Law," it"ll it is in a struggle record.

(SOUNDBITE the SONG, "I fought THE LAW")

BOBBY FULLER FOUR: (Singing) I needed money "cause I had none. I battled the law and also the legislation won. I battled the law and the regulation won.

COHEN: This 1964 demo of "I combated The Law" recorded the ear that Bob Keane at Del-Fi Records. That signed the Bobby Fuller Four, had them re-record a much more polished variation that saw number 10 in 1966. Keane began booking them at lounges throughout the country, but, Randall Fuller says, Bobby had different ideas.

R. FULLER: He wanted to play because that teenagers. That"s all he want to pat for. That didn"t want to pat clubs, prefer night clubs, choose I did. And also I don"t reference him. It"s a difficult life.

COHEN: by the summer of 1966, says writer Miriam Linna, things started to loss apart.

LINNA: and also it was pretty evident that Bobby wanted to go on his own, most likely take Randall through him.

COHEN: for this reason Bobby Fuller scheduled a meeting. The night before that meeting, The rising Star received a mysterious phone speak to at the apartment he common with his mother and also brother.

R. FULLER: My mother said that some civilization from brand-new York called, and also it yes, really upset Bobby. Then he left to go somewhere the she didn"t know.

COHEN: Bobby Fuller never ever came home. The following day, the was uncovered in the front chair of the family Oldsmobile.

LINNA: and also had apparently remained in there for rather some time.

COHEN: Writer Miriam Linna claims his body had actually been doused in gasoline and also some who saw it to speak it looked prefer he had actually been beaten. Nevertheless, the police initially considered it a suicide prior to eventually judgment his death accidental. That was too startling a story no to spur rumors, and, Linna says, there were plenty - Fuller was killed by the mafia, the Manson family.

LINNA: was Bobby date Nancy Sinatra and also Frank didn"t prefer that? might that it is in it? i seriously doubt it.

COHEN: Many believe the police should have actually done more.

JOE DOMANICK: In 1966 the LAPD was a department in a little of a turmoil.

COHEN: That"s Joe Domanick, author of "To Protect and also To Serve: The LAPD"s Century Of battle In The City that Dreams." for years, Domanick explains, the department was overcame by one male - bill Parker. Simply two days prior to Bobby Fuller died, cook Parker met through his very own twist of fate.

DOMANICK: He was making a speech. Made the speech, satellite down and fell dead on the workdesk in prior of him.

COHEN: Domanick states the LAPD to be so wrapped up in the chief"s funeral and finding his replacement, the room had little time to emphasis on something else. Bobby Fuller"s death remains a mystery. His brother, Randall, says he would execute anything to obtain some sort of closure.

R. FULLER: It"s just always eating at you. If you simply knew, girlfriend know, if you simply knew what happened, you could get over it. But, you know, it"s just constantly there.


BOBBY FULLER FOUR: (Singing) since you said farewell that day the shadows dropped to stay. From this civilization I try to component just to ease my aching heart.

COHEN: because that silverlakestyle.com News, I"m Alex Cohen.

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