What walk ISHYGDDT mean?

>current year >not knowing web acronyms >ISHYGDDT

ISHYGDDT stands because that I Seriously hope You men Don’t perform This, a comment provided to mock miscellaneous actions or habits on 4chan and also on various other social media platforms.

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ISHYGDDT is initialism brief for I Seriously hope You males Don’t perform This. The phrase was supplied as component of a meme, the Costanza.jpg meme, that started on the post board site 4chan in 2011.

The meme involved posting a snapshot of the character George Costanza from the 1990s TV sitcom Seinfeld as a reaction photo to refer contempt in mocking threads recognized as greentext implications, which start with the > symbol.


4chan / recognize Your Meme

As the meme intensified, a trend arised where a poster would certainly accompany George’s face with a greentext implicit stating the existing year (e.g., > 2019) and also the expression I seriously hope you men don’t carry out this in response to miscellaneous objectionable behaviors, frequently hypothetical and ironic in nature.



As the meme became yet more popular in 2011, I seriously expect you males don’t carry out this was frequently shortened to the much more convenient ISHYGDDT. The image in that truest kind can be checked out in the first Tweet by
ISHYGDDT, among the an initial to usage ISHYGDDT ~ above Twitter.

>2011 >Not following this account #ISHYGDDT

— costanza.jpg (


ISHYGDDT is now much more commonly offered by itself however it has kept the same definition it had actually when originally part of Costanza.jpg memes.

>2015>not win trillions the dollars on breeze Kings™promo code: ISHYGDDT

— mine rams (
gr8b8) September 14, 2015

The 4chan greentext implication style (e.g., >current year >objectionable action ISHYGDDT) is frequently used even outside the 4chan.

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>playing pokemon go and letting the government track your place so they deserve to send you come FEMA campsISHYGDDT

— yams (
freespee1) July 10, 2016

It’s mainly used together humorous commentary on various actions or actions seen as unwise, misguided, or uncool.

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