In July of 2018, the LeBron James Family foundation and Akron Public institutions officially opened the doors of the i PROMISE college with a mission come wrap about the most at-risk students and families in Akron. Acquisition a We are Family approach to educating the whole child and also family, IPS is creating a brand-new model because that urban, publicly education.

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The i PROMISE school is an ext than a school. The is a home. It is a place where students room loved and also families room supported. Through an intentional focus on social-emotional learning and also a strategic strategy to the trauma-informed curriculum, the ns PROMISE institution addresses the distinct needs that its students to meet them wherein they are. From the employee to the families and also our Foundation, we room all on this journey together.

Believing that education starts at home, the i PROMISE School locations an intentional emphasis on family engagement and dedicates substantial resources to assistance its students’ whole families. IPS has an entire wing devoted to a Family resource Center that offers resources and amenities because that every household including one individualized i Promise family Care setup that helps them navigate everyday challenges and facilitate permanent planning. IPS likewise incorporates resources from its community partners, local businesses and agencies to assistance our families with wide-ranging solutions and simple essentials to produce a one-stop shop for all families.

Project find out of Summit County

Any IPS family member have the right to work towards achieving your educational purposes by functioning on their GED. All classes are readily available on-site in ~ the i PROMISE School. The i PROMISE Too regime has almost 20 parental graduates to day with dozens more enrolled in the continuous program.

PEG"s structure & psychological Health

The Peg’s structure provides support and resources concerned trauma through an on-site Pediatric Psychologist available to recommend on psychological health best practices.

Chase financial institution Financial literacy & Mentorship

JP Morgan chase is a longtime structure partner that provides support and also financial literacy help for every families and mentoring because that adult student in the i PROMISE also program.

Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons

Certified eye doctors are available to administer eye exams and also other eye care for our family members annually.

Community legal Aid

Lawyers are easily accessible to carry out a wide variety of legal services which may include expungement,custody issues, contracts, landlord issues and many other cases.

Happy Happy Market

This Foundation-provided resource room is completely stocked with an easy necessities and also brand new items consisting of mittens and scarves, coats, socks, underwear, pants and toiletries. Households can accessibility the market any type of time v the Family source Center.

Akron-Canton local Foodbank

The i PROMISE Pantry provides a big variety that food, snacks and also fresh produce and also other essentials for all IPS families. Families are able to come and take what they need with no limits and also no restrictions.

Faithful Servants

Certified doctors are easily accessible to administer non-urgent medical treatment which might include typical cold, ill throat, sprains, sporting activities physicals and more.

Summit County room of task & family Services

This local resource is housed in ~ the Family resource Center come oversee services including Eligibility, Recertification, Interim Reports, Cash Assistance, Food Assistance, clinical Benefits, and also Job Opportunities.

Our partnership with Akron publicly Schools provides this whole thing possible. Working within the public school system to create such a unique, innovative, and also life-changing model that wraps around entire family members is a significant undertaking, and one that hasn’t yet been mastered. We are transforming the mold with each other at IPS.

A clip in communities throughout the country, our partners at Walmart have end up being a staple within ours family. Providing wide-ranging resources, tools and opportunities for our students and families, having actually Walmart’s support opens up up tremendous doors for the i PROMISE School.

The Northeast Ohio follow team are an ext than partners, they space family. Wrapping around our students for every foundation event and also wrapping about our households with the chase Your dreams Mentorship program, their continual presence in ~ IPS and also in our families’ resides is a game-changer.

Caring together much about kids and families as we do, Kaulig carriers is a believer in ours kids and also in the magic happening at the i PROMISE School. With their support, we’ve created the state-of-the-art Kaulig carriers Media laboratory on-site at IPS to provide hands-on finding out experiences in manufacturing for our students.

The i PROMISE institution is proud that the finish wraparound support we’re maybe to sell our families. With the support of the PEG’s Foundation, we’re able to administer the life-changing resource of mental health and wellness support and other an important resources when our family members need castle most.

LeBron James surprised ns Promise college students by announcing a $1MM approve from the DICK’S Sporting Goods foundation Sports issue program to build a brand-new gym that will offer students safe accessibility to PE and afterschool sports

I Promise college students room in the shortest 25% of check scores in Akron public Schools, and in much less than a year have shown incredible improvement, v 90 percent conference or exceeding individual growth goals in reading and math, outpacing peers across the district.

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Not preventing there - data shows youngsters who room physically energetic and play sporting activities have greater test scores, get much better grades, are absent less and also are more likely to walk to college. Kids living in short income locations have significantly less avenues to play sports often due to the fact that of cost and also lack that facilities.