Luke Combs sure makes it look easy. The nation hitmaker (No. 1 top top ToC's perform of hot Artists the 2020) will save his No. 1 streak alive with "Lovin' on You," a '90s influenced country-rocker the checks all the boxes.

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Repeated choruses aside, this 125-word jam find Combs listing points he enjoys a same bit before stating his undying love for being in love with his woman. Much like "Beer Never broke My Heart," Combs' summer 2019 smash, the list is filled v specific, vivid detail that paints the song and adds strokes come a wider portrait the Combs as an artist. He's prove to be a no-nonsense country everyman that doesn't garbage time or reach because that words that expense a dime when those that expense a nickel will certainly do.

Good buddy ray Fulcher joined Combs, cutting board Archer and also James McNair to create "Lovin' on You," the fourth solitary from What You view Is What you Get, one album that's prove to it is in much more appropriately named than anyone outside of Team Luke imagined.

Did you Know?: Combs started his career with eight right No. 1 songs on Billboard's nation Airplay chart. The an initial six have all been certified Platinum or multi-Platinum.

Luke Combs' "Lovin' on You" Lyrics: 

Don't acquire me wrong, I favor a bobber top top the water / Hookin' 'em and reelin' 'em in / I choose a Friday night sluggish ride, Brooks & Dunn, B-side / struggle rewind, spin the again / I choose a strong shot the whiskey, the method a Marlboro hits me / part broken-in cowboy boots.

Chorus:But I'm in love and also lovin' on girlfriend / i feel the rush quickly as you walk in a room / i can't get enough of you, honey, you're right on the money / I'm a junkie for your midnight move / I'm in love and lovin' on friend .

I like a sunrise, duck blind, birdie ~ above a par 5 / müller Lite before noon / I prefer a two-door old Ford, wood board, earlier porch / three chords and also the truth.

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Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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