The meme, i m sorry originated ago in September 2019, features world delivering comedic revisionist take away on notable social figures."I"m Gonna Tell my Kids" has actually touched on politics, culture, music, and also history. Still wondering what precisely it every means? We"ve broken it down for girlfriend here.

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The "Lady Screaming at A Cat" image is so two-weeks ago, and also social media has quickly and also swiftly found a brand-new source of comedy: Rewriting history.

Parents are often given a gift lock don"t recognize is a gift—the mindless pleasure of telling white lies to your children. No, really: Think about Santa Claus. However don"t worry; studies have displayed that telling a white lie every as soon as in awhile to your youngsters isn"t too bad, as long as you ultimately let them know their understanding is incorrect. (Otherwise you can turn out choose this writer, whose mother told her Cat on a hot Tin Roof was about a woman called Cat who shed her cat ~ above the roof the her residence on a warm summer day and burned she feet instead of gift social comment on mendacity, mortality and also the fate of man, leading she to a very embarrassing interaction with a playwriting professor in college...but that"s one more story for another day.)

The internet as of so late has made decision that they space going come pre-prepare the little white lies in the form of the "I"m gonna tell mine kids" meme, which requires a lot of of psychological loopholes and also a ton that laughter. Yet what is the "I"m gonna tell mine kids" meme?

Here"s just how it works: A picture is posted to social media, and also the human being posting usually simply says "I"m going come tell my kids" the picture they posted is that a particular celebrity—when in truth it"s far from the actual celebrity mentioned. Typically the image posted shares part traits or features in common with that cultural historical figure.

It"s practically too straightforward to put right into words. Allow me to show you part examples:

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I’m gonna phone call my youngsters this is Danny DeVito

— beat tobin (
tastefactory) November 19, 2019
lowendfury tweeted a photo of Giancarlo Esposito native Breaking Bad through the caption "gonna call my children this was obama." through November 20, the meme was in full force when it was inadvertently thrust into the tendency by, well, angry and good timing.

Gregory Allen Howard, co-screenwriter and producer the the newly released movie Harriet, revealed in a Q&A the 25 years before Cynthia Erivo carried Harriet Tubman"s story to the big screen, Hollywood executives said that, um, Julia Roberts can play history"s famed Black woman leader that the underground Railroad.

"I to be told just how one studio head stated in a meeting: "This script is fantastic. Let’s acquire Julia Roberts come play Harriet Tubman,"" Howard said. "When someone stated that Roberts couldn’t be Harriet, the executive, management responded: "It to be so long ago. No one is walk to recognize the difference.""

Of course, the net exploded, human being were outraged, and also the "I"m gonna tell my kids" meme to be given brand-new life.

Seriously, keying "gonna call my children this to be harriet tubman" into Twitter will have actually you swim in a sea of Julia Roberts photos.

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Now, there"s an endless amount of "I"m gonna tell mine kids" memes, and also some gain political:

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gonna call my children this to be beto o’rourke