Approximately 1980 year ago, Judas Iscariot obtained the most infamous sum in the history of mankind: thirty piece of silver to betray Jesus Christ.

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Of course, Judas finished up regretting it and also returned the money before hanging himself. Yes, we all understand the story, but have you ever wondered just how much were those thirty piece of silver- worth in today’s money?

Well, since these questions perform make feeling for every one of use useless details junkies the end there, us did a little research and also here room our findings. (the write-up continues ~ the ad)

WHY THERE’S A need FOR YET an additional “RESEARCH”

If you do a Google search, you’ll uncover a lot of of articles answering this an extremely question. So, why not just use those findings? Well, due to the fact that in mine humble opinion, all of them are trying to answer the question by concentrating on wrong components of the equation.Some say that if you desire to buy one of those piece of silver- today, you’ll need about 200$-500$, therefore thirty the them room worth about 6,000-10,000$. Others imply that since one of those coins weighed 14 grams and contained 94% silver, provided the existing silver valuation, thirty piece are now worth between $185 and also $216. Okay, i’m sure every one of them room correct in calculations yet they miss the most necessary element: purchasing power.


Simply said, what we must be spring is because that the purchasing power of the thirty piece of silver- – what Jews could have bought with the money.


Historians have tendency to agree that most probably, Judas was paid in Tyrian Shekel. This coin appropriate here:

Photo: financial institution of Israel

This is due to the fact that the Tyrian shekel to be the currency used during the era to pay because that the Temple tax in Jerusalem. The Temple taxes was worth a half-shekel and also was payment by any kind of Jewish masculine over 20 years of period (the money was offered for the maintain of the temple). The being said, it’s thought that the tax was not a huge sum of money as it was the indistinguishable of a two day’s salary.

So, if half a shekel was 2 days’ salary, one shekel was four days’ salary and therefore, 30 shekels were worth 120 days’ salary. the was the purchasing power of the sum.

SO, just how ARE 120 work OF work-related WORTH TODAY?

Now the we have a typical base (a day’s salary) we require to gain this right into today’s money. Of course, this varies widely throughout countries, therefore we’ll take the U.S. As an example. According come the Bureau of labor Statistics (BLS), the unified States’s median wage in the 4th quarter the 2017 to be $44,564 per year or $857 every week for a 5-day, 40-hour workweek. This translates to around $170 per day.

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So, if the typical US value is $170 every day and thirty pieces of silver- are work 120 days’ salary, climate the purchasing power of the coins to be the equivalent of $20,400! In other words, if the transaction to be to take location today, Judas might have bought a brand new mid-level automobile with that money.

That’s quite a sum!

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