Before we begin,I adore my kids. If mine husband is my #1, over there is no question that they room my #1.25, #1.5, and #1.75. Sooner or later I’ll write another article title “Why i Love my 3 Sons much more Than anyone Else other than FORMy Husband”. Ok?!? So just know the my youngsters are loved, and also don’t referee me, and don’t write a bunch of typical comments about what a cold-hearted mother I am. Now. Relocating on.

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To mine husband….I tried really tough to store this from being mushy and sappy (I can have unable to do SO mushy and SO sappy. Acknowledge that. Evaluate it. Berelieved).



So here, in no particular order, space the reasons Why ns Love mine Husband an ext Than my Children:

– i don’t have actually to obtain up in the middle of the night to nurse mine husband (and if he to be to ask, I could simply tell him “not tonight”).

– The two of us were one “us” prior to the 5 of us were one “us”. He came first, and in my opinion, he have to remain that way.

– mine husband never says, “I pooped. And it’s yes, really messy. Can you PLEASE simply wipe me this one time, and also I’ll go back to wiping myself tomorrow? (True story).

– I chose him, and he decided me. There is miscellaneous special around that. God gave me my kids. I was BLESSED with kids. I determined TO have kids. However I didn’t special, individually, hand-pick each one, based upon how much I just genuinelylike THEM. Ns did v my husband (and I would certainly again in a heartbeat!)

– HEis mine voice of reason. The patience to mine storm. THEY space my storm. (Beautiful small storms they are, yet storms, nonetheless).

– fairly simply, he is,and quite much always has been, myfavorite person ever. Favorite Person ever before is a hard position to replace.

– picking up the stray empty beer deserve to he left the end on the earlier patio is lot preferable to choose up the stray sippy cup that rolled under the couch, and also is now complete of tough milk. Do you know what tough milk is? exactly what it sound like. Milk that isn’t also liquid anymore.

– he is my teammate. My partner. We work-related TOGETHER come love our kids well, raise our youngsters well, teach our kids well, and also enjoy our kids well. But it is that who remains my partner…not them.

-He place me first. They put me last. Oh, how they placed me last! “Mama doesn’t must pee, poop, eat or sleep! simply feed me NOW!” says my child (Was ns that selfish when I was a newborn?? ns mean, seriously).

– This verse from the Bible:“Therefore a male shall leaving his father and his mother and also hold rapid to his wife, and the 2 shall come to be one flesh”. Therefore they space no longer two but one flesh. What as such God has actually joined together, permit not guy separate.” No where does it ever say i am to end up being “one flesh” with my children. Plus….if every goes well…my tiny men are going to leave THEIR father and also mother at some point (mother…that’s me! Sob sob),and mine husband is that I will certainly be left with. Much better make certain I love the best.

– “They” (the kids) have actually RUINEDmy already, not-that-impressive boobs. He (contrary come what he may say) is walk to be the one who is going to (pay to) settle my boobs. Unless I readjust my mind around that.

– the is my best friend. They room my babies. My small loves. My responsibilities. My JOB. Blessings. Exceptional gifts, design by God. Mine heart, walking roughly on three small sets of legs, yes. But… lock aren’t my finest friends. Lock aren’t who I walk to be sure with, laugh with, vent to, unwind with, and dream with. The is.

– Convincing my husband to take a nap is never a battle. He’s an obedient little guy.

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– the looks at me, look at “end of mine rope/going crazy/sliding appropriate off that the Sanity Precipice” in mine eyes, and also swoops in come save. Lock look at me, see “end of my rope/going crazy, sliding ideal off the Sanity Precipice” in my eyes, and….they move in because that the kill.