Sitcom centred ~ above a zany housewife who wants desperately to obtain into showbiz, and also her Cuban bandleader husband who has his hands full trying come dissuade her. Additionally getting caught up in their shenanigans are the Mertzes, their landlords and best friends.

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Episode 1

The Girls want to walk to a Nightclub

Mon, Oct 15, 1951 30 mins

TV"s an initial great sitcom---and the standard by which all others are measured---debuted (on Oct. 15, 1951) through this madcap mix-up involving the Mertzes" wedding anniversary. The problem: Fred (William Frawley) wants to go to the fights if Ethel (Vivian Vance) wants to go the Copa. She enlists Lucy (Lucille Ball) as her ally, he enlists Ricky (Desi Arnaz) and zaniness ensues.

Episode 2

Be a Pal

Mon, Oct 22, 1951 30 mins

deserve to Ricky be shedding interest in Lucy? She appears to think so, and also she"s identified to keep him interested. For this reason she does that by the publication ("How to store the Honeymoon indigenous Ending," that is). And also before long, she"s going bananas. Actually, she"s wearing them on she head, as component of her Carmen Miranda impersonation. Hank: Richard J. Reeves. Charlie: Tony Michaels.

Episode 3

The Diet

Mon, Oct 29, 1951 30 mins

Uh oh: Lucy has actually been getting weight due to the fact that getting married---22 pounds, to be precise---and it"s beginning to show. "On instead of of the tubby trio, ns welcome you to the flabby foursome," Ethel tells her. She desires out, especially due to the fact that she has a chance at singing spot in Ricky"s nightclub act. All she needs to do is lose 12 pounds in 4 days. Desi Arnaz"s longtime pianist Marco Rizo performs in nightclub scenes.

Episode 4

Lucy thinks Ricky Is trying to murder Her

Mon, Nov 5, 1951 30 mins

Lucy fears Ricky is planning come murder she in this gem from the series" an initial season. The trigger: she"s reading a killing mystery. Climate amateur fortuneteller Ethel predicts her imminent doom. Climate she overhears Ricky saying ominous things on the phone. What"s poor, paranoid Lucy come do? eight herself with a bulletproof skillet, head to the Tropicana and also confront the killer.

Episode 5

The Quiz Show

Mon, Nov 12, 1951 30 mins

Lucy"s in require of cash due to the fact that Ricky cut off she allowance and charge accounts, so she go on a game display called "Females are Fabulous." The prize: $1000. Yet to win it, Lucy must introduce Ricky to she "long-lost an initial husband." no that she has actually one, however as it turns out, she could have two. Phil Ober, costar Vivian Vance"s real-life very first husband, theatre the very first husband.

Episode 6

The Audition

Mon, Nov 19, 1951 30 mins

Ricky"s band auditions because that a TV show. Guess that that clown is who"s crashing the audition? The reason: Lucy"s mad at Ricky because he desires her to stay home and be a homemaker, therefore she decides to get even. This episode can be dubbed Lucy and Desi"s audition because that the series. Based on their nightclub act, it carefully resembled the unaired pilot they produced CBS (though it was the 6th episode to air, ~ above Nov. 19, 1951), and it was among the first season"s highlights.

Episode 7

The Seance

Mon, Nov 26, 1951 30 mins

A producer (Jay Novello) with an attention in the occult eye Ricky for his show. But it"s no in the stars, according to horoscope seed Lucy. Ricky demurs (to placed it mildly), for this reason it"s off to the producer"s office with medium Raya (aka: Ethel) in tow, crystal ball and all.

Episode 8

Men room Messy

Mon, Dec 3, 1951 30 mins

Ricky"s a slob, Lucy moans. For this reason she divides their apartment in two (her half is tidy; his half isn"t). Then a newspaper photographer arrives and also Lucy, reasoning that he"s just from a music magazine, clowns roughly amid the mess. Kenny: Kenny Morgan. Photographer: harry Shannon.

Episode 9

The hair Coat

Mon, Dec 10, 1951 30 mins

Lucy and Ricky"s wedding anniversary is coming up and also Ricky brings residence a mink coat. But don"t run to any kind of conclusions, as Lucy does. Alas, Ricky rented the coat for his act in ~ the club, and also when Lucy find that out she vows to acquire even. Ever before hear that a "mink T-shirt"? Thief: Ben Weldon.

Episode 10

Lucy Is jealousy of Girl Singer

Mon, Dec 17, 1951 30 mins

Lucy suspects the Ricky is cheating. First, a columnist web links him come a singer. Not true, that swears. Then she find lace in his pocket. She"s no buying his explanation---that it was accidentally torn off a dancer"s costume throughout rehearsal---so she decides to walk undercover ~ above the Tropicana chorus line. Dancer: Helen Silver.

Episode 11


Mon, Dec 24, 1951 30 mins

have the guys been drafted? Or space the girls expecting? that all starts when a letter from the battle Department arrives, informing Ricky come report to ft Dix. The army wants him to do for the troops, and also Fred"s tagging along. Yet that"s not Lucy and also Ethel"s take it on the situation. For this reason they start sewing socks for your husbands to require to boot camp, but when Ricky and also Fred view this they doubt something else.

Episode 12

The Adagio

Mon, Dec 31, 1951 30 mins

Ricky requirements a dancer because that his act. Guess who volunteers. But first, Lucy needs a teacher. Get in sexy Frenchman Jean Valjean Raymond (Shepard Menken), who has more than run on his mind.

Episode 13

The Benefit

Mon, january 7, 1952 30 mins

Ethel wants Ricky to carry out at she women"s-club benefit show. Not surprisingly, Lucy wheedles her way into the act. However then she gets a look at Ricky"s material---an old vaudeville act title "Songs and Witty Sayings"---and rewrites it since he has actually all the punchlines. In the program, Ball and also Arnaz carry out a genuine vaudeville routine well-known as "Underneath the Bamboo Tree."

Episode 14

The Amateur Hour

Mon, january 14, 1952 30 mins

Lucy needs money to pay for a dress, therefore she takes a job baby-sitting rambunctious 8-year-old twins (David Stollery, Sammy Ogg), who are fantastic practical jokers. They"re pretty great singers, too, as Lucy discovers once she take away them to an amateur talent contest. Ball and also the twins do "Ragtime Cowboy Joe."

Episode 15

Lucy theatre Cupid

Mon, january 21, 1952 30 mins

Lucy dram Cyrano de Bergerac for she shy neighbor (Bea Benaderet), who "s sweet on the ar grocer (Edward Everett Horton), but can"t tell the so, or bear come ask him come dinner. Therefore Lucy go it for her---and of food he gets confused as to just who the interested party is. It"s a good thing, then, the Lucy additionally taught her how to flash a come-hither look.

Episode 16

Lucy Fakes Illness

Mon, jan 28, 1952 30 mins

Lucy do the efforts (again) to sign up with Ricky"s act and Ricky (again) says no. Therefore Lucy fakes a psychological disorder. Hal March theatre himself. Actually, he additionally plays a fake physician whom Ricky lines up to scare Lucy. Dr. March tells Lucy: "You"ve contract the gabloots."

Episode 17

Lucy to write a Play

Mon, Feb 4, 1952 30 mins

There"s more than one means to break into show business: If Ricky won"t use her in his act, Lucy will certainly write a play because that him to act in. And also she go (a story about a Cuban tobacco picker titled "A Tree grows in Havana"), and also enters that in a vain at her women"s club. However he"ll have actually no part in it---until he learns that a large producer will certainly be in the audience. Club Chairwoman: Myra Marsh. Stage Manager: Maury Thompson.

Episode 18

Breaking the Lease

Mon, Feb 11, 1952 30 mins

The Ricardos and also the Mertzes bring on a battle of noise and also nerves. It begins when Ethel take away a dim see of Lucy and Ricky"s late-night serenading. Soon, things obtain out that hand and the Ricardos threaten to move. But the Mertzes, who very own the building, need five months" rent, so the Ricardos adjust their tune---to "El Breako the Leaso," sung (with great gusto and at 4 A.M.) to the tune of "The Mexican hat Dance."

Episode 19

The Ballet

Mon, Feb 18, 1952 30 mins

as usual, Lucy desires to obtain into Ricky"s act and, as it happens, Ricky has openings because that a ballet dancer and a baggy-pants comic. Which come choose? Both, together it transforms out. An initial she indications on with Madame Lamond (Mary Wickes) because that a ballet lesson. That doesn"t job-related (her step at the barre is flat-out hilarous) so it"s on come burlesque and a pie in the face. Clown Comic: candid Scannell.

Episode 20

Young Fans

Mon, Feb 25, 1952 30 mins

A teenage girl (Janet Waldo) has actually a to like on Ricky---and her boyfriend (Richard Crenna) falls for Lucy. How to gain the youngsters off your backs (and back together)? Lucy and Ricky decision to really act their age---and then some: they"ll act choose 90-year-olds. Says Lucy that Ricky: "He"s baba"d his critical lu."

Episode 21

New Neighbors

Mon, Mar 3, 1952 30 mins

There"s something odd about the new tenants: they"re murderers. Or for this reason Lucy and Ethel think after overhearing them plot what sounds like a killing. Little do they understand that their brand-new neighbors room actually gibbs rehearsing for a play. And guess who ends up in jail? O"Brien: Hayden Rorke. Mrs. O"Brien: K.T. Stevens. Policeman: Allen Jenkins.

Episode 22

Fred and also Ethel Fight

Mon, Mar 10, 1952 30 mins

Fred and also Ethel are fighting again, so Lucy and Ricky intervene and also get the Mertzes to make up---then gain into a squabble or their own, i m sorry the Mertzes shot to spot up. When Fred functions on Ricky, Ethel says a sympathy ploy come Lucy: "Pretend you to be hit through a bus." Soda Jerk: Hazel Pierce.

Episode 23

The Mustache

Mon, Mar 17, 1952 30 mins

Ricky loves his mustache---but he can"t rather cotton come Lucy"s new beard. Lucy can"t stand either; in fact, she placed on the beard (it"s fake, the course) to obtain Ricky to shave off his mustache. Yet now she can"t obtain it unglued, and also a producer (John Brown) she wants to impress is on his means over. Vivian Vance and William Frawley carry out a song-and-dance routine in the episode.

Episode 24

The Gossip

Mon, Mar 24, 1952 30 mins

Who space bigger gossips---Lucy and also Ethel or Ricky and also Fred? They do a bet (and Lucy tapes she mouth shut). The winners obtain breakfast in bed for a month, and it"s in bed wherein Ricky will win it: he"ll pretend to drop a juicy tidbit about a neighbor and the milkman (Robert Jellison) in his sleep. Bill Foster: Richard J. Reeves.

Episode 25

Pioneer Women

Mon, Mar 31, 1952 30 mins

Lucy is assaulted by an 18-foot loaf of bread in this riotous illustration in i beg your pardon Lucy and also Ethel offer up modern-day conveniences on a bet through their husbands, who are fed up with their complaining around not having a dishwasher. That leads come a butter churn because that Lucy and a churning stomach for Ricky, who must actually eat the 19th-century food Lucy prepares. Climate there"s that 18-foot loaf---a memorable prop thanks to a formidable lot of yeast and Ball"s formidable talent because that slapstick.

Episode 26

The marriage License

Mon, Apr 7, 1952 30 mins

room Lucy and Ricky legally married? Lucy"s afraid they"re not since Ricky"s name is misspelled ("Bacardi") top top their marriage license. "We"ve to be revoked," she wails, for this reason she sets come to rewed Ricky in ~ the exact same spot in Connecticut wherein he proposed to she in 1940. Alas, they operation out that gas before they can obtain there. Bert Willoughby: Irving Bacon. Mrs. Willopughby: Elizabeth Patterson.

Episode 27

The Kleptomaniac

Mon, Apr 14, 1952 30 mins

Ricky think Lucy has end up being a kleptomaniac. His evidence: a closetful that valuables and a stash the cash. Actually, the valuables room things she has collected for a charity bazaar, and also as because that the cash: "It"s my foolish money," Lucy speak him. "I get awfully mad." Mad sufficient to beat a helpful joke ~ above Ricky once he calls in a shrink (Joseph Kearns) come cure her of her "kleptomania."

Episode 28

Cuban Pals

Mon, Apr 21, 1952 30 mins

Lucy burns v jealousy as soon as she it s okay an eyeful that Ricky"s dance companion (Lita Baron) from "the old days" in Cuba. She to be a kid then, however no more. Figured out to save them apart, Lucy top to the club in disguise, and also finds herself in the clutches that a masking wild male named Ramon.

Episode 29

The Freezer

Mon, Apr 28, 1952 30 mins

Where"s the beef? It"s in Lucy and also Ethel"s new walk-in freezer (along v Lucy, "the human being popsicle"). Of course, Ricky and Fred have a beef through their wives, since they paid $483 for it. The meat company won"t take it it back and they can"t market it come customers waiting in the local butcher shop for this reason they"re stuck with it. And speaking that stuck, Lucy gets herself locked in the freezer. Butcher: Fred Aldrich.

Episode 30

Lucy go a TV Commercial

Mon, may 5, 1952 30 mins

This is the standard episode in i m sorry "Vitameatavegamin Girl" Lucy walk a TV commercial. She"s claimed to "spoon her method to health," but instead gets snockered on the health and wellness elixir she"s promoting. Indigenous the first spoonful she squeamishly swallows to her early, slightly sloshed queries---"Do girlfriend pop out at parties? space you unpoopular?"---to her final drunken swig right out that the "bittle lottle," sphere builds the mirth come a riotous climax.

Episode 31

Publicity Agent

Mon, may 12, 1952 30 mins

Lucy do the efforts to an increase Ricky"s career by gaining him some publicity: she poses together his greatest fan---a center Eastern princess called the Maharincess of Franistan, sets herself up in ~ the Waldorf-Astoria and also calls in reporters, who swallow it, hook, line and sinker. Therefore does Ricky, for a while, anyway.

Episode 32

Lucy it s okay Ricky on the Radio

Mon, might 19, 1952 30 mins

Ricky"s a quiz whiz---or is he? if listening to "Mr. And also Mrs. Quiz" top top the radio he"s a know-it-all, so Lucy registers him for the show. Uh oh. He knew the answers due to the fact that he had actually attended the taping. Together for gift a contestant himself: "All I know is that Columbus uncovered Ohio in 1776." therefore Lucy determines that a pre-quiz expedition to the station---and a little larceny---are in order. Freddie Fillmore: frank Nelson.

Episode 33

Lucy"s Schedule

Mon, might 26, 1952 30 mins

Gale Gordon, who later on played Lucille Ball"s boss on "The Lucy Show" and "Here"s Lucy," renders his very first appearance ~ above "I Love Lucy." Gordon dram the brand-new Tropicana ceo Alvin littlefield here. He has actually his eye top top Ricky come be society manager. One problem: Lucy"s habitual tardiness messed up a dinner date with Littlefield, so Ricky puts she on a strictly time schedule and also invites him back. Quick food---very rapid food---is ~ above the menu. Mrs. Littlefield: Edith Meiser.

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Episode 34

Ricky thinks He"s obtaining Bald

Mon, Jun 2, 1952 30 mins

Ricky fears he"s going bald, so Lucy gets it into her head to assist him: she stages a "bald men"s party" to display him that he"s no so negative off, after all. Mr. Thurlough: Milton Parsons.

Episode 35

Ricky Asks for a Raise

Mon, Jun 9, 1952 30 mins

Ricky asks because that a raise however his ceo (Gale Gordon) turns him down, prompting Lucy to prove simply how renowned a performer that is. Her scheme involves making numerous bogus reservations at the club for a night as soon as someone else is playing, then show up in assorted guises (including Fred in drag), feigning indignation the Ricky"s not performing---and leaving in a huff.