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Is there part other method of saying “I’ll to buy you… allow me purchase you… i would like to buy girlfriend (a drink, lunch… etc)”My allude is that ns would choose to protect against using the word “buy”, since it sound to me favor putting the emphasize top top the payment (I will certainly pay for you), which I uncover inappropriate or even impolite, also if friend say: “I would choose to buy girlfriend a drink”. In mine language us use other word, which is close come silverlakestyle.com honour. It’s challenging to translate it, but it would certainly be other like: ns would like to honour you through a drink (or lunch or whatever). In that case the emphasize is put on that that I’ll it is in glad to serve you (with whatever) and it’ll be my satisfied (buying, paying, money room not crucial in that specific moment).


I think the nearest word come what you are searching for is to offer

May I sell you a drink?

This feels an ext in keeping with the "honour" ide of your own language. Over there is a politeness and also adherence to etiquette implied, there is no anything so vulgar together the ide of money being involved.

As others have actually suggested, girlfriend could also use get, if the case is less formal.

In silverlakestyle.com girlfriend could say

May i honour you with a drink?

But the is an extremely odd and also sounds practically like you room elevating the other person to the level of a boy god!


Very common is

Let me law you to a drink.

According to Oxford dictionaries Online, one of the meanings of treat is

(treat someone to) carry out someone with (food, drink, or entertainment) in ~ one’s own expense


A few phrases concerned mind:

It"s top top me.Let me obtain this.(smiling, if challenged) ns insist. / Please, permit me.


Interesting.For someone who has not questioned this scenario/to a layman- Treat would certainly still resound v "not paying".

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My first couple of thoughts on reading this question:

I will certainly treat you to lunch.(or whatever)Let me take it you come lunch.

So, if it"s a treat because that me, i am not paying- my usual sense :)-

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