September 01, 2020 at 8:29 afternoon EDTBy Bob D"Angelo, Cox Media team National contents DeskMIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Erick Morillo, an international disc jockey best known for his 1993 hit, “I like to relocate It,” was found dead at his south Florida home, authorities claimed Tuesday. He to be 49.

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Police got a 911 contact at 10:42 a.m. Come an apartment in Miami beach after Morillo was discovered unresponsive in his bedroom, WPLG reported. Detectives to be on the scene and in the preliminary stages of the investigation.

A cause of fatality has no been announced. Morillo has actually a long background of drug abuse, according to the Miami Herald. That told the Miami brand-new Times in 2016 that three times he had actually to go to rehab because that ketamine abuse.

DJ #ErickMorillo has passed far at period 49. Https://

— billboard (
billboard) September 1, 2020

Morillo was dealing with a sexual battery charge, the Herald reported. He to be arrested early on last month and also accused that assaulting a woman, the newspaper reported. That was reserved for a virtual arraignment hearing Friday, WPLG reported.

According come an arrest report, the woman told police Morillo made developments toward her, and also then later, ~ she fell asleep ~ above a bed, she woke up naked.

Morillo denied the accusations however turned himself in Aug. 6, v his attorney, man Priovolos, after the outcomes of a rape kit tested positive for Morillo’s DNA, WPLG reported.

“I choose to relocate It” was provided in DreamWork’s Madagascar, a children movie indigenous 2005.

Morillo was born in brand-new York in 1971, yet his family was indigenous Colombia, WTVJ reported.

After spending his preteen years in Colombia, Morillo went back to the United says and cleared up with his family in brand-new Jersey, variety reported. The teamed with musician El General and collaborated on the 1991 single, Muevelo, the newspaper reported.

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Morillo began releasing music under the pseudonym Reel 2 Real, and also released “I choose to move It” in 1993, range reported. The song became a an international hit and also led to his hit album, “Move It.”

Morillo started Miami’s yearly Crobar party, range reported. In 2012, a street in Union City, brand-new Jersey, whereby he live as a teen, to be renamed Erick Morillo Way.

Erick Morillo Erick Morillo, detailed for his 1993 hit, "I like to relocate It," was uncovered dead at his home in Miami Beach, Florida, on Sept. 1. He was 49. (Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

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