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George native Vancouver, CanadaI"ll offer him credit; he wasn"t in love with Clare Grogan ~ above looks, that"s because that sure! looking at she now, i figured possibly she just didnt period gracefully, however I confirm her pics in "81 & "82. . .nah. . . Unrequited love sucks, yet we obtained a hell of a beautiful tune from his!786 indigenous Manchester, EnglandA great song no cry the end for comment - this is one together gem!Seventh Mist native 7th HeavenSome songs simply lay the on a bit too thick and this is among them. Ruth indigenous Dorset kills my heart every time....and simply read that ws about unrequited love and also not wanting to explain yours for are afraid of gift rejected. Could have been written for me. Timeless, beautiful classic.Siahara Shyne Carter from unified StatesThe very first line ;-) and also Chorus: I recognize this lot is Truuuueeeeee This much is true This lot truueee i still boil this on radioMax native California This tune rules!Bob from MichiganIt"s not documented, however it sure sounds to me that the chorus starts with "I-I-I-I"m high - I recognize this lot is true". And the line about a "pill on mine tongue" reinforces this idea. I could definitely be wrong and also reading into it... But that"s what that sounds prefer to me.Don indigenous Sevierville, TnI cannot stand this song!George indigenous Vancouver, CanadaDid Tears for Fears execute this song, too?John native Canon City, CoOne point many human being are missing out on is the reduced in the finish of the song. It"s original length is 6:30. This is where some of the richest sounds are found. Transparent the song TRUE, Spandau Ballet used a PROPHET-5 synthesizer to flow along with many parts of the bass track, complimenting in a piano sound. The 5 polyphonic monochrome format synthesizer allowed waveless strings-straight together an arrow, the initial setting synth melody and the distinct piano/bass sounds.Mark native Providence, Riand tell me who, who doesn"t love a tiny power ballad, combined with a little techno, mixed with a little rock and also roll & TO top off the cherry on the cake that it all a freaking sax. Uuuuh! What a phenominal tune! The summary of the 1980"s! Bravo! ps: track is memorialized in the film 16 candle at the HS dance. Shane native Los Angeles, CaOne of mine all-time favourite songs with great depth. After ~ thinking around this tune for a lengthy time, I believe the overall suggest of the tune is this: The author/singer wants to phone call the truth however he never does. He states "I know this lot is true" however never finishes his sentence, and he never gets come the truth. It"s irony at its best.Jennifer indigenous Brisbane, Australiaive heard this track play at numerous weddings, that is a true love song and also the native "seaside arms" come native the many magnificent novelCamille indigenous Toronto, OhWhat is the that provides this tune a classic? The perfect mix of singer"s voice, lyrics, melody, and that record phrase "I know this much is true" sung various ways throughout the song. Fabulous saxophone, too, that appears to express, perhaps, in sound, those words the writer is looking for in vain. And, through the way, this is one more one that those song that ladies hear and also think, yeah, I"d prefer the guy of my dreams to be to sing this to me.Melissa indigenous Windsor, CanadaTo me, the lyrics, "I to buy a ticket to the human being ... Write the following line" median "I to be going to begin over and also I left so that you wouldn"t destract me, but I couldn"t leave because I realized i don"t want this to it is in over: currently the sphere is in your court - I"m leaving the next move up to you."To me, this tune as a totality is around actually composing a track (or story or novel) the is essentially a CONFESSION by the author about his love because that someone. The song or story have the right to be created FOR the love one as a revelation of his feelings OR it can be written about the couple"s connection as a kind of tell-all. I think this due to the fact that of the referrals to Nabakov"s Lolita - this novel to be a tell-all the the character writes while that is in prison about the unrequited love of one under-aged girl. Due to the fact that of the references to Lolita, ns think the song could be interpreted as being around unrequited love, and also possibly also about loving someone it would certainly be unreasonable to be with. I also think a sort of fall from grace could be implied, as the writer of Lolita to write his story after being arrested. It can be about so many things or situations, and I think that"s one of the reasons this track is therefore great!Tony cook from London, joined Kingdomspendau to be a prison, and r hess was there it spins hes death, nuff said, simply a brill song and also have to agree with paul of london, sends chills under my spine and reminds me of mine saled days (if you will excuse the pun) ago in the 80s when every little thing seemed therefore right.Siobhan native Harrogate, unified KingdomWhat are sea side arms??? wrap her seaside arms around me and also write the next line!!!!???Travis indigenous Grandisland, FlAlso to add is that once Steve song "True" in Wedding Singer(which is in ~ the finish of the movie) he improvises the heat "Robbie and Jullli a aa a"Also ns love this song a an excellent 80"s popular music classic.Travis from Grandisland, Fl"True" was likewise sung by Steve Buscemi in the movie Wedding Singer(1998) starring attracted Barrymore and also Adam Sandler.And was done again in the film 50 first Dates(2004) i beg your pardon then to be performed by will certainly I Am and Fergie, yet the text are adjusted for rapping in the will I am partsGreg native Batavia, NyThis song was well-known when mine daughter was much less than a year old. I provided to dance she to sleep come it. She"s obtaining married in a couple of weeks and also she dosn"t understand it yet but this will be our father-daughter dance.Fulu Thompho indigenous Limpopo, south Africawhat is it the is true? someone should carry out an explanation. I wanna understand what is "true" in this song. However anyway ns love it.Dale from Santa Fe, NmThe song appears to be Kemp illustration an analogy between his life and also Marvin Gaye"s.Russ from Richmond, VaThis track was around taking acid and expanding her horizions. It"s a beautiful song but not when does it recommendation anything about "love". Thrill in mine head, pill on my tounge... Sound of my soul... Seaside arms... Bought mine ticket come the world (LSD)... Tough to create the following line.. This lot is really! This man is writing based on a really deep LSD motivated evening. Sui from Cebu City, OtherSeems like attracted Barrymore love the tune"s in 50 an initial Dates and also Charlie"s Angels.Neal indigenous North, NjI understand this lot is... TrUUUuee! hahahaStu from Fife, ScotlandYou need to be careful which sources you trust on the net! Spandau prison remained in the capital, Berlin. It was developed in 1876 and also so existed long prior to WWII. The was not an Auschwitz-like death camp with gas chambers. The prisoners who to be hung in ~ Spandau to be the senior Nazis uncovered guilty in ~ the Nuremberg trials. They to be sentenced to death on 1 October 1946 and also hanged top top 6 October 1946. Other senior Nazis, prefer Rudolf Hess, were imprisoned there, too.Billy Rhythm native Rockland, MeLuke, what I discover on the net is that the detainees of Spandau to be gassed, not hung. Google "spandau ballet nazi," and also it"s simple to find.Luke indigenous Manchester, EnglandWhere my last write-up IS true (pardon the pun), the band changed their surname after seeing some Grafiti in Berlin after ~ being called "the Makers"Luke indigenous Manchester, EnglandyduR, Knoxville - avoid talking the end of her arse son... As soon as inmates of the Spandau jail were hung, the corpses moved on the rope, seeming to dance together the critical breath escaped, this was well-known as the "Spandau Ballet"Adam native Poplar Bluff, and also Fergie from the black color Eyed Peas walk a reinterpretation the this track for the 50 an initial Dates Soundtrack that was decent.Ydur indigenous Knoxville, TnSpandau to be a one-of-a-kind prison developed for Nazi war criminals in ~ the finish of the Nuremburg trials. A "Spandau Ballet" was a homosexual courtship/seduction in between the inmates.

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In the end, the was solely occupied by Rudolph Hess.Paul from London, EnglandThis is my ultimate Chill-Out Summer tune of all-time and one that the few songs ever before to send chills under my spine. Ns love this song and Tony Hadley"s vocals really shine here.Jammon native Jammon, EnglandHas something to do with Marvin Gaye ("Listening come Marvin, all night long)K indigenous Leicester Uk, EnglandNelly, likewise used this song to sample in his song N Dey Say, i m sorry is his fifth single (in the UK off his double album SweatSuit.see an ext comments