While Taylor Swift might"https://www.silverlakestyle.com/ve conquered the iHeartRadio Music Awards as far as the awards go, the standout performer that iHeart 2016 was much less obvious.

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Nile Rodgers, Joe Jonas and also DNCE execute onstage during the iHeartRadio Music Awards in ~ The Forum on April 3, 2016 in Inglewood, Calif. Affluent Polk/Getty images foriHeartRadio/ Turner

While Taylor Swift might’ve conquered the iHeartRadio Music Awards in regards to the actual awards, the standout performer the iHeart 2016 was much less obvious. The three-hour awards show, transfer live native The Forum in Inglewood, California, ~ above Sunday (April 3) through Jason Derulo hosting, was stuffed with an eclectic roster of performers. Native knockout vocal showcases to dust bikes as back-up dancers, below areall theperformances at the iHeartRadio Music Awards ranked from worst to best.


Honorable mention: Jason Derulo’s choreography-heavy opener — whereby the “Talk Dirty” singer provided his pipe a rest while that danced to various other people’s 2015 access time — gets distinct props.A Derulo dance is constantly a good thing.

13.Maroon 5, “Animals”

Playing live however not in reality performing at The Forum, Maroon 5’s sound appeared a tiny muddy during their iHeart performance. When the tape sounded tight, it was tough to make the end the separation, personal, instance instruments. Include to that the fact that Adam Levine hugged his mic the entirety time —not yes, really the most engaging thing to watch on a TV awards display —and this was a little bit of a letdown for what you could expect.

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12.Pitbull, “Fireball”

A Pitbull concert is a guaranteed great time, but the sound mix throughout his iHeartRadio power was a small off, withhis vocals coming throughout much louder 보다 the music. Like Maroon 5, Pit was performing live however not play at The Forum, so the sound issues seemed favor aconsistent problem from the offsite artists.Regardless, his dancers were on fire and his charm was on complete display.

11.Jason Derulo, “If the Ain’t Love”

As if that wasn’t enough to hold the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Derulo pulled twin duty, performing new single “If it Ain’t Love” at the 2016 awards show. If his dance moves are flawless, the song itself is a little weak, through a chorus that simply doesn’t lure further listening.

10.Iggy Azalea, “Team”

Iggy had a turbulent 2015, but fans deserve to breath easier (and haters can start grinding your teeth) since her 2016 comeback is top top the best track. “Team” is a banger — even if you’re no an Azalean, it’s tough to deny the catchy sing-song hook. And also at the 2016 iHeartRadio Awards, Iggy looked choose she was having actually a genuinely good time getting down onstage v her dancers. Those who assumed they were excellent withher need to be prepared to offer Iggy another shake this year.

9.G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha, “Me, Myself & I”

It to be G-Eazy’s first major awards present performance, but you wouldn’t understand by watching it. He appeared immensely assured, prowling the phase while Rexha crooned the song’s earworm the a hook. An ext Bebe Rexha at awards shows, please.

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8.Chris Brown, “Liquor,” “Wrist,” “Back to Sleep”

Playing a medley that songs, Breezy showcased his sinuous vocals and his peerless dance moves during the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Bieber’s an superior dancer this days, but Brown still move reflexively, as if it’s second nature; that was onfull display screen during “Wrist.”

7.Meghan Trainor, “No”

Performing in front of a gigantic glowing “No” sign, Meghan Trainor made that 100 percent clear that she don’t desire no scrubs in her life v her Destiny’s Child-esque lead solitary from her second album. She comfort as a choreographeddancer doesn’tquite matchthe fire she brings to she vocals ~ above “No,” however thanks to her delivery, she still dominated.

6.TheWeeknd,“Acquainted” & “Might Not” with Belly

Although his portionwasn’t actually live in ~ theiHeartRadioMusic Awards (and he was in his indigenous Canada), The Weeknd still managed to pull off a performance that stood out as oneof the night’s finer moments many thanks to his buttery R&B croon.

5.Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself” & “Company”

Opening with his smash fight “Love Yourself” and transitioning right into his new Purpose single “Company,” Bieber brought his swaggy style and baggy garments to the iHeartRadio Music Awards. His run moves were on allude and the crowd went for sure nuts because that him —one girl got extremely lucky, copping a 30-second dance v the pop heartthrob.

4.Fetty Wap, “Again”

Surrounded by dudes popping wheelies and also whipping donuts on dirt bikes, Fetty Wap rap/sang “Again.” It’s been a while since we’ve heard the top 40 hot 100 hit, and also man, we had no idea just how much us missed it till he used “Again” toinjecta much-needed jolt into the an initial hour that the awards show. Taylor Swift danced in her seat to it, since that’s justwhat she does.

3.Zayn, “Like ns Would”

Despite the rain laser light show, Zayn’s voice was front and center during his debut live TV solo performance in the U.S. Always one that One Direction’s the strongest vocalists, Zayn’s bluesy popular music croon to be impressive and immaculate. Anyone who questioned if he can handle the mic on his own can stop concerned —by the time he struggle his melisma-fied finale, it to be clear he’s obtained his eye on a job second-act like Justin Timberlake’s.

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2.Demi Lovato & Brad Paisley, “Stone Cold”

Demi Lovato stunned the iHeartRadio Music Awards v a knockout power of her strength ballad “Stone Cold.” as well as the truth that she yielded the night’s many vocally astounding performance, her iHeart minute boasted a unique appearance through Brad Paisley top top guitar. We would certainly not complain around a studio re-recording of the track with Paisley.

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1.DNCE,“Cake by the Ocean” & “Le Freak” v Nile Rodgers

Sure, DNCE isn’t a absent band, however it’s quiet a rarity to check out a rock tape setup at an awards present these days. It’s even much more surprising to check out a classic band hit one of these shows and also not pretend come be as well cool for the whole affair. Yet DNCEcommitted wholeheartedly, transferring “Cake by the Ocean” with so much pleasure you nearly felt it was the an initial time they’d play it in years.In the midst of your hit, DNCE carried surprise guest Nile Rodgers on stage to carry out a mashup of your hit and also Chic’s signature song, the immortal disco standard “Le Freak.” It to be a weird, wonderful minute —and the night’s best.