Susan Sarandon has caused silverlakestyle.comntroversy by stating why she is not voting because that Hillary Clinton, even though doing therefore would avoid a Donald trump card presidency.

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The actor claimed she does not "vote v her vagina" and will rather be voting for the green candidate in the united state election, Jill Stein.

Sarandon, 70, said she will certainly not it is in voting for Clinton or Trump since she feels the is crucial to obtain third-party candidates approximately the 5 per cent mark.

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She defined she is not versus having a mrs candidate, regardless of having been a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, informing BBC Newsnight: “I desire the best woman. Over there are good women that ns admire that have headed nations."

The actor silverlakestyle.comntinued: “You’ve had a woman, i don’t know how you felt about that however I nothing vote v my vagina friend know?

"This is bigger 보다 that and I don’t desire to invest a lot of time talking around Trump and also Hillary due to the fact that that’s not why ns here. This is larger than that wins this election.”

Interviewer Evan Davis asked she whether it was no "indulgent" to decline to vote for one of two people of the two main candidates.

She responded that she does not desire to poll for the "lesser of two evils" and wants to end the two-party system.

Sarandon likewise claimed Hillary Clinton is going silverlakestyle.comme win due to the fact that she has the support of “neosilverlakestyle.comnservatives”, the press and the networks.

The actor said: “I am worried around the wars, i am worried around Syria, ns am worried around all that these points that in reality exist. Ns worried about fracking.

 "I’m worrying around the environment. No matter who gets in castle don’t deal with these things since money has taken end our system."






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