People room unique. We room all various combinations of distinct features, indigenous the shape of ours eyes, come the tonal quality of our skin, our stature, and also even our silhouettes. While us all look at different, have actually you ever noticed the there room patterns come how people look? perhaps you understand of someone who reminds friend of someone else, or you've to be told that you look choose someone else yourself. We’ve linked the eastern and western elements of air, fire, water, earth, wood, and also metal to shot and view if we have the right to predict your physical characteristics based upon thirty straightforward questions. For this reason what execute you think? does the shape of your hand or an option of beverage relate come the form of her eyes? take this quiz to discover out. You can be surprised at what girlfriend find! can you predict her friend's elemental type? an obstacle them and also see if she right!


Quiz WriterChantelle

Chantelle required to the written word favor a fish takes come water. That is to say, she discovered herself immersed in literature from prior to she was born. She’s been known to tell her friends all about how she deserve to still remember the passages she heard her mom read come her when she was in the womb - Emily Dickinson, mrs Austen, and a bit of Hunter S. Thompson thrown in come balance that out. Whether she whipping up pithy one-liners come tease your mind or busy functioning on her second novel (the first one is easily accessible on Amazon under a pen name she refuses come disclose), Chantelle has continued to store her feet wet v words, as it were. You’re certain to get a kick the end of her giggle-worthy explanations and also outrageous hints, and also still come out feeling choose you’ve just increased your expertise base.

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Did friend know?

The ancient Chinese ideology of 5 Elements

In ancient China, world divided increase the physical world into five categories: Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth. Lock then supplied these simple principles to recognize checks and also balances for health and wellness in ~ the body. They likewise followed these concepts in their federal governments and spiritual practices. The idea that balancing various facets within a single body is similar to the European viewpoint of the 4 humors: black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and also blood. Breaking under the human body into different facets gave physicians and healers almost everywhere the world insight into treating sick or hurt people, long before we had actually the scientific and technological conveniences of today.

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