Patrick reassures Emma he is okay, Téa think McBain has feelings because that Sam and also the true shooter is lastly revealed.

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Patrick tucks Emma right into bed and she asks if Aunt Elizabeth is going to be her brand-new mommy. The tells she she is simply a friend that took treatment of her. She asks if he to be sick and also he tells she he was, but is all better now and also she doesn’t need to worry about him.

At the hospital, Sam and Molly room shocked to check out Elizabeth in Jason"s arms. Sam speak them they space there for she Lamaze class and also Molly is the coach. "Unless you desire to be there because that Sam," Molly says. Sam and also Jason go off come the side and he is miffed Molly knows however is glad she is turning to she family. He tells she it is too difficult to live with Franco"s baby, and also the infant maybe have to be adopted. They might still have kids when she is ready. She tells him this is her baby and also she have the right to handle it even if that can"t. Molly comes up and Sam tells she it is just the 2 of them. That watches them leave and then share a look through Liz.

Téa mirrors up at McBain"s hotel room to tell him the judge denied Starr bail. Todd is working on a plan and also the less he knows around it, the better. He tells her not to allow Todd traction her into anything she will regret. She puts her feet up and also they talk about Starr refusing come sling dirt versus Michael. She wants to recognize what the deal is in between him and Sam. She knows he has a compulsion to help damsels in distress. The tells she his friendship through Sam is causing troubles with Jason, yet those troubles started long prior to he involved town. Téa guesses it has actually something to do with the baby. That tells she he is leaving town when his service is done. She leaves after informing him damsels in distress might do a lot worse 보다 John McBain.

Todd and Carly run into each other exterior Shawn"s. She warns Todd the if that tries anything that will need to go through her and that she is no someone he deserve to mess with. He thinks that is hot. She speak him to remain away indigenous Michael and they won"t have actually a problem yet he tells her at some point everyone has a difficulty with him. The lays the end his plan, which will work-related as lengthy as Sonny desires to aid Kate. He supplies to walk Carly to metro Court and also tells the the burgers in ~ Shawn"s are method better. That is glad to listen she is ready to forgive Johnny since it offers a men like him some hope. Castle share part fries and walk earlier to the hotel, laughing together.

Starr is surprised to view Michael at the jail. That tells her he heard she didn"t obtain bail. The didn"t want this for her, however she do the efforts to kill his father and also he won"t perjure himself, no matter how much Todd wants him to. She desires to recognize what she dad needs to do v it. He tells she Todd desires him to retract his statement and also he wasn"t happy. Starr wants to have the opportunity to live she life and also he really hopes they will go easy on her. She is led ago to she cell and Michael watch conflicted

In the interrogation room Kate begs Sonny to tell her what Connie said while Alexis listens behind the glass. He grabs she hands and also tells her he experienced her talking to Connie v the two-way mirror. She collapsed and he ran in here, but it wasn"t Kate anymore. It was Connie, and also she scared him. He believes now that it was Connie, not Kate, who slept v Johnny. She begs him to tell her what Connie did. And also he lets her know Connie confessed to shoot Anthony"s tires. She division down and he tells she to it is in strong. He meets v Alexis outside and tells she Kate can"t be close to Starr.

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Johnny and also Anthony battle with the gun in ~ Johnny"s when it goes off. Anthony drops to the floor. He pulls the gun on Anthony and tells the he is going to dispose of him. He speak Anthony exactly how he got Connie to take the rap for the tires. He had some time to speak to Kate at the police station and also Connie came out. She called him that Kate think she shot Anthony"s tires. He had actually to convince her to go along with the lie because if Sonny think Kate framed him because that murder, he will certainly be done v her forever. Johnny is sick end Cole and also Hope"s deaths and wants to make amends to Starr. Johnny speak Anthony the knows too much and also shoots that multiple times.

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