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Wear With Ballerina Flats

Ballerina Flats: The How, The Which, and The What Not To Do
Being as comfortable as they are, these footwear have become a staple sight on the street. We wear them with pretty much every outfit there is, without giving a thought to whether or not the shoes actually suit the ensemble. Surprised to hear that you could go wrong with ballet flats? Well, maybe not wrong, but you could definitely be donning a look that is not exactly flattering. Here are some tips that will help you get an A+ the next time you pick your ballet flats from the shoe rack.
– Ballet flats look best when worn with outfits that show some skin. So, stock up on shorts, skirts, dresses that skim the knees, or even cropped pants.
– Always opt to pair the shoes with an outfit that has a streamlined effect. Ballerina flats, as the name suggests, have absolutely no heel and have a very flat arch. If you aren’t very tall, then without an outfit that creates an illusion of height, you could look shorter.
– Aspiring for supermodel heights? Create the illusion that you seek by wearing knee-skimming clothes with nude-ballet flats. If nude shoes are not quite your thing (we can’t imagine how), then opt to wear toe-covering leggings/stockings in the same color as your shoes.
– A great way to create an illusion of height with ballet flats is to roll up the cuff of your jeans to just above your ankles. This also reveals the skinniest part of your leg. It’s always a win-win!
– If you are vertically challenged, then we suggest that you avoid the new trend of pleated pants with narrow legs when wearing ballet flats. This only makes your abdominal-hip area look larger than it is and your legs shorter than they are.

Looking for some new takes on how you can wear ballet flats without looking too uncomfortable in them? Want a chic, ultra-modern, fashion-diva-status-worthy look? Here is the creative spark you need.

Like we have said before, go crazy with shorts, dresses, skirts, leggings, and the likes. Opt for trends that are rocking the ramps right now. Animal prints, metallic tones, and embellishments are some of the biggest must-haves. Plan your outfit keeping these versatile trends in mind. Opt for a pair of satin flats or embellished ones for a dressy event, pick shoes in a bright, perky color for a fun date, team your outfit with a pair of metallic flats for a polished look, and pick an animal-print pair for when you want an adventurous change. What we predict is going to be a huge trend though, pointed ballet flats with an ankle strap. Sophisticated, beautiful, and elegant, it is a style that has been spotted on some of the world’s most stylish celebs, from the oh-so-gorgeous Jessica Alba to the trendsetting Rihanna.

Did you ever think that the humble ballet flats could give your outfit such a wow factor? If you are one of those women who has always felt more comfortable in flats than heels, then there you have it; a perfectly stylish answer ready for all those heel-slaves you know.