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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Wear a Beanie

Everybody has had a bad hair day every now and then; even celebrities. So, what do you do? It’s quite simple actually; gather your tresses together and hide it under a beanie.
One of the must-have accessories for winter, beanies have become a necessary part of a sophisticated fashion statement. Both men and women can transform their everyday looks into chic styles just by wearing a beanie. With so many choices in style, material, color, and pattern, you can be sure to find a beanie that fits your personality perfectly. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to business and see some stylish ways to wear a beanie.

Beanie Style Guide for Men
Nowadays, even men have become conscious about the way they dress. Which is why, it is time you ditched your basic, fitted, run-of-the-mill beanie, and give the following styles a try.

Visor Beanies for Men
Mostly available in wool and acrylic, the visor beanies have a bill, like a ball cap. You don’t have to worry about finding the right fit as it comes in a free size. One of the best things about this beanie, apart from being a wonderful cover from the cold winter months, is that it even helps keep the sun out of your eyes. With different textural patterns and colors, all you need to do is pick a fashionable pattern that’ll match your personality and style.

Men’s Beanie Styles
If you’re not a huge fan of the beanie hat, there are other styles like the bobble hat, the Peruvian hat, the docker beanie, the slouchy beanie, the fitted beanie, the pom-pom beanie, and many more. Regardless of style, all these beanies are practical and keep you one step closer to the latest winter trends. A must-have accessory for men, these beanies can be worn with any casual attire.

Beanie Style Guide for Women
Unlike men, women have a lot more choices when it comes to wearing a beanie. So, the best way to go about choosing a style (or maybe more) is by looking at the length of your hair. Keeping this idea in mind, we have provided a few styling tips you can follow.

Women’s Beanies for Short Hair
If you have super-short hair, there are many ways to make a statement with beanies. First things first, choose the right style of beanie. Go with either visor beanies, woven or knitted beanies, fitted beanies, oversized beanies, tall beanies, or slouchy ones. Any of these styles will go perfectly with your hair length, regardless of the texture. Place the beanie in the middle of your head, pull your tresses in, and hide it under the beanie. Or, if you wish to try a sexier approach, leave your bangs out to outline your face.

Beanie Styles for Shoulder-length Hair
Sleek and sophisticated beanies look adorable on medium- or shoulder-length hair. You too can choose the similar type of beanies for your hair length. And for an extra dose of glamor, give solid-colored beanies a rest, and go for patterns instead. Plus, it’s not always just about how you style and wear a beanie. You should keep other elements of your outfit in mind while putting together an ensemble for the day. Only then can you put a beanie to good use.

Women’s Beanies for Long Hair
Whether you have straight, silky hair or curly hair, beanies are a wonderful accessory to have. They make you look utterly feminine, and if styled correctly, you can easily achieve a refined look without having to do much. Since you have long hair, do keep the styling as natural as possible; it will be fruitless if and when you happen to take the beanie off. Leave your hair down, keep the bangs out, pull all your hair in, or tie a loose braid; either way, a beanie is sure to give you an edgy look.

Bring out your inner hipster, and beat the winter chills with a beanie. Try unique looks every time you wear beanies, and look presentable and put together.

Style a Sleeveless Dress

With fashion trends evolving every few seconds, it’s not easy to keep track on innovatively styling a sleeveless dress every time. With countless designs, patterns, cuts, lengths, and colors to choose from, it’s safe to say that every woman probably owns more than one piece. The versatile and feminine sleeveless dress works for any event, at any given time of the year.

5 Unique Styles for Various Occasions
In order to style your dress, always add accessories depending on the event, venue, and time of the year. All these factors play a major role in making the ensemble work. Below, we have provided 5 ways to style a sleeveless dress that can be worn for many different occasions.

The ‘Going to the Club’ Dress
For a night on the town, you want to own a bright-colored dress that is far from being subtle. When you have to work with bold colors, it’s best to play down on embellishments. Too many pieces with loud colors and patterns make it difficult to understand the idea of the dress. And since you’re already headed to party, why simply carry extra weight?

The ‘Let’s Have Coffee’ Dress
Black and white floral prints on a sleeveless dress can take your breath away. Even with the simplicity of the colors, you can make an outfit work in your favor. Banish all inhibitions, and liven up the dress with bold, beautiful, and vibrant-colored accessories. Choose from colors like red, hot pink, yellow, orange, and blue. Regardless of the length, cut, and fabric, you can pull off this combination every time.

The ‘First Date’ Dress
Whether you deck up or take it easy with your outfit, the most important thing to keep in mind is to wear a dress that wins his heart. This gorgeous and feminine mint green dress is like a breath of fresh air. Plus, I love the high-low cut of the dress which makes it flirty and girly. Continue and emphasize the softness of the dress with your accessories, and you’re set to have a wonderful time.

The ‘I Mean Business’ Dress
Many organizations have strict dress codes that everyone has to follow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun by adding a few colors here and there. Break the boring shades of grays, blacks, whites, and browns with a few eye-popping, attention-grabbing accessories. A splash of color with the help of a cardigan, purse, shoes, or even a scarf can do the trick.

The ‘Love is in the Air’ Dress
Weddings are the pinnacle of romance, love, and commitment. For such occasions, of course you’ll be wearing a dress that’ll complement the ambiance. Styling such a dress takes a little bit of patience. Depending on the color of the dress, you can choose to accessorize with the same color family, but let it be a few shades brighter. This way, your dress and accessories will stand out.

There are literally hundreds of different styles, cuts, and patterns when it comes to sleeveless dresses. Your initial task is to find a well-fitting dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. This makes it much easier for you to find accessories to style the dress properly.

Wear With Ballerina Flats

Ballerina Flats: The How, The Which, and The What Not To Do
Being as comfortable as they are, these footwear have become a staple sight on the street. We wear them with pretty much every outfit there is, without giving a thought to whether or not the shoes actually suit the ensemble. Surprised to hear that you could go wrong with ballet flats? Well, maybe not wrong, but you could definitely be donning a look that is not exactly flattering. Here are some tips that will help you get an A+ the next time you pick your ballet flats from the shoe rack.
– Ballet flats look best when worn with outfits that show some skin. So, stock up on shorts, skirts, dresses that skim the knees, or even cropped pants.
– Always opt to pair the shoes with an outfit that has a streamlined effect. Ballerina flats, as the name suggests, have absolutely no heel and have a very flat arch. If you aren’t very tall, then without an outfit that creates an illusion of height, you could look shorter.
– Aspiring for supermodel heights? Create the illusion that you seek by wearing knee-skimming clothes with nude-ballet flats. If nude shoes are not quite your thing (we can’t imagine how), then opt to wear toe-covering leggings/stockings in the same color as your shoes.
– A great way to create an illusion of height with ballet flats is to roll up the cuff of your jeans to just above your ankles. This also reveals the skinniest part of your leg. It’s always a win-win!
– If you are vertically challenged, then we suggest that you avoid the new trend of pleated pants with narrow legs when wearing ballet flats. This only makes your abdominal-hip area look larger than it is and your legs shorter than they are.

Looking for some new takes on how you can wear ballet flats without looking too uncomfortable in them? Want a chic, ultra-modern, fashion-diva-status-worthy look? Here is the creative spark you need.

Like we have said before, go crazy with shorts, dresses, skirts, leggings, and the likes. Opt for trends that are rocking the ramps right now. Animal prints, metallic tones, and embellishments are some of the biggest must-haves. Plan your outfit keeping these versatile trends in mind. Opt for a pair of satin flats or embellished ones for a dressy event, pick shoes in a bright, perky color for a fun date, team your outfit with a pair of metallic flats for a polished look, and pick an animal-print pair for when you want an adventurous change. What we predict is going to be a huge trend though, pointed ballet flats with an ankle strap. Sophisticated, beautiful, and elegant, it is a style that has been spotted on some of the world’s most stylish celebs, from the oh-so-gorgeous Jessica Alba to the trendsetting Rihanna.

Did you ever think that the humble ballet flats could give your outfit such a wow factor? If you are one of those women who has always felt more comfortable in flats than heels, then there you have it; a perfectly stylish answer ready for all those heel-slaves you know.

Wear to a Music Festival

A rite of passage for young adults, music festivals around the world connects people with one another. From Donauinsel in Vienna, Austria to Coachella in California, USA, and from Przystanek Woodstock in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland to Mawazine in Rabat, Morocco; each of these places have one thing in common―a mind-blowing number of people gather here to celebrate, enjoy, and experience music in its rawest form.

Which is why, you’d better prepare and finalize what to wear to a music festival of your choice. And to help you get started, we’ve got a few suggestions lined up that can be put together with ease.

Festival Fashion for Women
Women have tons of options while planning their attire for a music festival―hippie, steampunk, rock, surf, rave, or hipster. There are many ways to embody a cool-as-hell style without breaking the bank. With the help of these outfit ideas, you will be festival ready in no time.

Maxi and printed dresses are a must, and fail-safe go-to outfits for an outdoor festival. Of course, there are many other prints and designs that work just as well for festivals. Pick one that’ll set you apart in the crowd.

Pants or Jeans
Many women choose to wear skirts and shorts for a festival. However, if you’d much rather stick to your favorite pair of jeans or pants, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Choose the top carefully as you don’t want to feel too warm in it.

Wearing a romper is a terrible idea. Opt for super-cute, super-short shorts instead. Choose shorts that you’ve worn before, and are sure that won’t chafe your legs. If you are planning on wearing new shorts, break into it before you wear it at the festival. Add or subtract layers as per the weather.

If you’re planning on wearing a skirt, there are a couple precautions to keep in mind. One, choose a fabric that won’t ride up every time you’re dancing hard, or two, wear boy short bottoms underneath. And as for the top, whatever makes you feel sexy and comfortable is fine by us.

Of course, we’ll be asking you to wear comfortable footwear. But if you’re dying to have some heels on, go with low heels that won’t give you blisters. Rain boots (if the weather demands it), cowboy boots, gladiator sandals, and Converse sneakers are definitely festival friendly.

Sunglasses, a floppy hat or a straw hat, boho headband, and hair accessories is what you need. And, try not to bring your expensive and favorite jewelry with you. Maybe a few bangles, a bracelet, and a long necklace should suffice. But hey, if you are sure to keep all your belongings intact and safe, then who are we to judge.

Festival-inspired Outfits for Men
Although women have an upper hand in fashion, there are a few options for men to shine as well. First things first, choose a style for the festival―hipster, metal, surf, or preppy. The next step will be to put the outfits together for the entire festival. Do make sure that you’re picking comfortable, and weather-appropriate clothes.

Pants or Jeans
Ripped or slim jeans, and straight or slim pants are some amazing options. You’re not overlooking the comfort quotient, while still keeping your fashion sense intact.

If it’s not too hot outside, or perhaps you’re changing into something else for the evening, do give the hipster-style a chance. With lightweight vests, suspenders, and a classy jacket, you can truly make heads turn at the festival.

Shorts are comfortable (duh!), breathable, and versatile. You can wear it with a loose T-shirt, slim-fit shirt, polo shirt, vintage T-shirt, or even a jersey.

Yes, comfort and style can go hand-in-hand. Grab a pair of Converse sneakers, walking shoes, rain boots, or any other pair that will help you stand and walk properly the whole day.

Leave your favorite fedora at home, and pick a hat that will protect your face from sunburn. Plus, it doubles up as a fashion statement. Also, do not take off your sunglasses for the entire time you’re there.

Basic Survival Tips
Although a music festival demands you to forget the outside world, you need to be careful at all times. To make the most out of any festival, follow these survival tips.
1. Wear foam earplugs while you’re listening to music. Even as you crave the thumping bass, the high decibel level can permanently damage your hearing.
2. The weather can be unpredictable, even if you’re going to a summer festival. Check the weather forecast for the weekend, and plan to carry the necessary items.
3. Instead of carrying 3-4 different outfits, see if you can mix and match your clothes to last the entire festival.
4. Carry enough cash to last the entire festival; and then some. Apart from food and drinks, you may need the money for locker room-style showers and restrooms (if the campsite has such a facility).
5. Always carry an extra pair of jeans, leggings, a hoodie, swimwear, and shoes.
6. Take baby wipes, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, sunscreen, deodorant, and a few makeup essentials.
7. Avoid taking any valuables along as you may either misplace them, or they can be stolen.
8. Keep a fanny pack or a cross-body bag with you at all times that has all the necessary items in it.
9. Carry a portable charger so that you can stay in contact with your friends.
10. DO NOT wander off by yourself; follow the buddy system and know your surroundings.
11. Stay hydrated by drinking water constantly. Of course, you’ll be having alcoholic drinks; but it’s essential to drink water as well, as you’ll be out in the sun for long hours.
12. As there is no official seating at the festivals, you may be allowed to bring your own chair. However, check with the venue beforehand.
13. Be smart and keep bandages, feminine products, some health bars, and aspirin at hand.

There are no dress codes, no rules that define or dictate your style for the festival. Whatever you wish to portray yourself as, is accepted. Be who you are; wear what you want. After all, it’s all about enjoying music and making a lifetime of memories.