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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Ways Look Pretty in Your School Uniform

Your school uniform should make you feel good about yourself and should be stylish. They are not meant to be boring. Let’s look at things you can experiment with, to look pretty in your school uniform.

Well-Fitting Uniform
Your uniform should fit you well and should not be baggy or too tight. It should be well ironed and in a perfect fit. It should enhance your body structure making you look smart.

Alter your Uniform
You can shorten the length of your skirt, keeping it above the knee. This will enhance your legs and nothing looks better than a short and a well fitting skirt. Similarly, you can also shorten your sleeves, if they are too long or just fold them (if you can carry if off), it will look smart. Another style you can experiment with is by combining a well fitting skirt with a baggy shirt (not very baggy). It looks pretty cool. Use your creative outfit ideas and give your uniform your style and touch

Accessorize with a smart tie or a scarf or a jacket on your uniform. There are different ways of accessorizing with a scarf and a jacket. You can wear a scarf in so many different ways; you can tie a scarf around your neck- like a tie, you can also tie it sideways on your neck. You can wear a tie and experiment with hair bands too. In case of accessorizing with jewelry, wear cool and small earrings, neck-pieces with a bracelet.

Optimal Make-up
Heavy makeup on a school uniform is not a cool idea. Try keeping a natural look; apply a foundation to camouflage blemishes. Highlight your eyes using a liner and a mascara. Use a lip loss or a lipstick to glisten your lips and use a little blush.

Flawless Skin
Having a beautiful skin is the most attractive thing on a person. Beautiful-flawless skin with the above makeup or even without it will make you look pretty. Take care of your skin and don’t experiment with harmful products to look nice. Keep it simple by drinking lots of water, eating healthy food, maintaining good hygiene and exercising regularly.

Manicured Nails
Maintain clean and beautiful nails. Color them or try some nail art work on it. Dirty nails are a big turn off.

Well-Set Hair
Your hair takes almost 50% of the credit in contributing to your prettiness. There is so much you can do with your hair, so many school hairstyles you can try. You can tie a high ponytail, a side ponytail or leave them open with a pretty hair-band. Keep your hair in a good condition don’t use harmful products on your hair. Trim them and style them by straightening them or curling them.

Use a Deodorant
It is very important that you smell nice. Carry a deodorant with you to school and use it after you’ve played a sport or a dance practice to avoid body odor.

If there are no restrictions with the kinda footwear you should wear, there are so many options for you to experiment with. Try tennis shoes or ballet flats or some matching formal trendy shoes that don’t have high heels. High heels are not recommended as they do not collaborate with the activities you do in school. They can be uncomfortable for brisk walking or running.

Wear the Right Attitude
Even if you have a no makeup and no accessories on you, you can still look nice if you carry yourself confidently and with a good attitude. Right attitude is the attitude that merges with the real you. Don’t walk or sit clumsily; maintain an upright back posture. Your body language speaks everything about who you are.

Carry cool and funky bags to school; it adds to your overall look. Experiment with contrast colors or with sober colors and with different styles.

It is good to look pretty and dress up, but don’t overdo it. Nothing in excess is good! Style and flaunt but don’t let it take over your mind and change you into a different person.

Wearing Polka Dots

Since they are such a retro trend, we are sure that you’ll be able to find a vintage polka dot piece in your mother’s or grandmother’s closet. Just scrounge their cupboard for a top/skirt/dress that even they have forgotten they owned.
The dotty world of polka dots driving you crazy? Not too surprising, since the erstwhile-childlike trend has grown up and is making its presence felt in fashionable circles all over. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Anne Hathaway, everyone who is anyone has gone the dots way.

But how do you get over that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach―the feeling that tells you that wearing polka dots may just make you look like you’re playing fancy dress? Show the stop signal to that feeling right there. The polka dots family has a lot more to offer than you give it credit for. It has grown up and it has done so with style. Let’s take a look at how you can wear these tiny little circles without feeling like you have regressed into childhood.

Wear a Dress
Now, we love our vintage, and we think nothing does this print better justice than a retro-inspired, halter neck dress. A cinched dress like the one shown here not only channels the ’50s, but also enhances the illusion of an hourglass figure. For a modern take on the same, try color blocking; wear accessories in a contrasting color. If retro is not your style, try smaller prints or even colors that are traditionally not associated with the dots pattern. A different silhouette too, can change the vibe of the dress completely.

Wear a Skirt
Like we said before, we just can’t get over our retro. So, when we wear a polka-dotted skirt, it’s a little difficult to leave the old behind. We love this combination of a little girlish polka-dotted skirt with a tank top. The makeup and the updo adds to the look. If you want to go the more modern route, we suggest you wear a pencil skirt with tiny polka dots and team it with a shirt or a nautical striped tee.

Wear a Top
Since the pattern can be an unforgiving one, we suggest that you let proportion do the talking here. Keep the prints on your top proportional to your body shape. So, if you are bigger on top, then we suggest that you wear bigger polka dots to balance a bigger bust. For a petite woman, smaller dots are much more flattering. This of course does not hold true, if contrast is what you are aiming at. If you opt for muted colors like gray and black, and wear the top with a pair of denims, you will keep the look utterly up-to-date.

Wear Denims
Printed pants have been all the rage for quite a while now, and if you want to combine two trends, then this is the space to do it. Splurge on a pair of fun, polka-dotted denims to be in vogue. You can either choose to wear your pants with a top in a complementary color or make the look even more fun by (and this is not for the faint-hearted) wearing a polka-dotted top with it for added chutzpah.

Wear a Jacket
Outerwear is enjoying its moment in the sun right now, and whoever said that you need to keep it dull, drab, and in neutral colors?! Make jackets cheerful with a dotted pattern. Instead of small tiny dots, we suggest you opt for big, slightly grungy dots. If you are one for experimentation, try a mix of polka dots in different sizes. Since this coat will need to be the center of attention, ensure that the rest of your clothes are muted.

Wear a Headband
Normally, when we think of how to wear a certain pattern, we only talk clothes, but why should your accessories be left behind? This print is the perfect starting point for accessories. Have fun with a retro-inspired, tied headband. Remember to keep your updo in sync with the hairstyles of the era.

Wear a Head Scarf
Want a fun look for a casual beach party? No print will be a better accessory than polka dots to help you scream fun without saying a word. Tie it around your head for a chic look. Note how the print has been worn with a striped dress without looking out of place. You can do the same by wearing two prints in similar colors.

Carry an Accessory
Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe à la the look in the image. Drape a scarf in a complementary color combination around your neck and include an accessory like a clutch, a belt, earrings, shoes, or even an umbrella in a contrasting color. With bold prints, one or two signature pieces should be the focal point/s and the rest of your clothing should work around it.

Polka dots can be a lot of fun. On days when everything seems morose and tired, this cheery print can bring the required happiness in your wardrobe. Just remember to allow the print to be the focal point of your outfit without excessively brightening or dulling the entire ensemble. So, get shopping and enjoy this print like it’s meant to be.

Tips to Spot a Fake Hermés Belt

Hermés is a French fashion giant, which specializes in leather goods, luxury items, accessories, glassware, and ready-to-wear apparel. The company, which is more than 175 years old, took birth in the humble profession of designing saddles. Over the years, the organization slowly added other products to its kitty, all this while experiencing several ups and downs. Over the years it has shown that it is probably one brand which will not get affected by the rise of newer fashion brands.

Hermés products are endorsed by the best of the best of Hollywood celebrities, like Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, besides several others. Several of its products, like scarves and bags, achieved meteoric fame, beginning from the 1930s. These products have become signature style and status symbols. Some of their accessories are designed, both for men and women. Hermés watches and belts top this list. In fact, the belt is one of the most in-demand items designed for men. The belt with the iconic ‘H’ on its buckle is available in several types of material, including leather and exotic skins. When making such a valuable addition to your collection, it’s a good idea to authenticate the genuineness of the belt before you buy it. Here is all the help you will need on how to spot a fake Hermés belt.

Fake Hermés Belt Vs. a Real One: Things to Look Out For

Check the Leather
● It should feel like it is high quality and supple.
● The smell should be that of leather and not like plastic.
● Hermés belts are double-sided, i.e., with different colors on each side.
● Look at the size displayed on the leather. True Hermés belts always display the sizes in centimeters. If you see the size mentioned in some other unit or style, it’s probably a fake.
● The leather doesn’t tear or come apart at the seams.
Check the Stitches
The stitching in these belts are really neat. They are well-done and not uneven or split. It short, they should be worthy of a Hermés label.

Combined Kit
Hermés belts generally come in a combined belt kit, with a single package containing the belt and the buckle together, though you are allowed to mix and match to select the combination of your choice. If you see a Hermés belt and buckle being sold separately, then it’s probably a fake.
Check the Buckle
● The buckle should be shaped like an ‘H’ with a good design, premium-quality finishing, and no scratch marks.
● It should feel heavy and solid, and not hollow and light.
● The edges should not have metal bubbles or chips.
● Check the bottom of the buckle for the logo. If the logo is at the back of the buckle, then the belt is not authentic.
● See that the spelling is correct. Counterfeiters commonly use a wrong spelling which is just slightly different. The second ‘e’ in ‘Hermés’ should have an accent over it (é).
● The buckle will have “Made in France’ written on the inside.
● Hermés buckles are always made using an expensive metal like pure gold or palladium. Gold belts are always plated with 24 carat gold.
● Check if the buckle closes properly.
● If the color of the buckle is different at the wear marks, then the belt is a counterfeit.
● The back of the buckle should be matte and not shiny.

The packaging should consist of an orange box with the company’s logo printed on it clearly, and a black ribbon tied on it, which again should bear the company’s logo. More importantly, the packaging should have a pleasant and high-quality appearance. The inner surface of the box cover should not have anything printed on it.
Check the Invoice
● The yellow-colored logo in the middle should be pretty light.
● The invoice of a fake belt will have a dark middle logo and a different font.
● The invoice should have information of the store, the city, and the country it is being purchased in.

Company Outlet
A wise thing to do it to buy the accessory from an authorized company outlet. Nevertheless, in case you have already purchased a belt from somewhere else, you could always take it to a certified Hermés outlet and show it to the retail clerk there to verify its authenticity. Make sure you take the papers of purchase along too.

The bottom line is, if any part of the belt is found lacking in quality, you better move on to another one. The best way to ensure authenticity of these belts is to purchase them only from a certified Hermés outlets. These accessories give a classy look and are very durable, making them worth every penny of their high price, provided you get a real one.

10 Belts Woman

Any woman who loves clothes and putting together outfits will tell you that the most fun part of the entire process is the accessorizing. Picking the right necklace so that the outfit pops, the fun earrings so there is enough elegance, the arm candy that will keep your hands adorned; there is always so much to look forward to with accessories. And with winter here, and layering a fashion must, the one accessory that we can always depend on is the belt. It brings an outfit together. It creates a silhouette for you when over-sized sweaters and jackets threaten to overwhelm, and let’s not forget, it keeps your trousers where they are supposed to be.

But do you know that there are as many as ten belts that you simply must have in your wardrobe? Surprised? Welcome to Belts 101. Here’s everything you would want to know.

The Classic
This is the belt that all of us are familiar with. It’s the one we look for when we want to tighten our pants; the one we depend on. For such a belt, we suggest you keep it simple. Ensure it’s in a basic, neutral color, it isn’t skinny, it’s not thicker than 4mm, it is made of quality leather, and lastly, that it has a classic-styled buckle. As important as this belt is, finding a good one can be a long (and expensive) process. So, if you need to shell out a few extra bucks while buying this one, don’t feel too guilty. This is the basic that your belt shelf will feel pretty incomplete without.

The Wide
This belt has been making quite the appearance in the last few years. It is perfect for the occasion when you need to give an otherwise shapeless outfit an enviable silhouette. It can also be quite versatile as it can be styled in several different ways. But it is also a style that is worn incorrectly very often. If you aren’t exactly in the best of physical shape and have a small tummy, then try to avoid these belts or alternatively, wear one that is only about 2-inches in width so that it flatters you but is not overwhelming. Having said that, this style is perfect for fashion experiments like layering, so have one in your closet.

The Skinny
This belt is the current darling of the fashion world. It adds a level of interest to any outfit and ups the quirk factor (or elegance quotient, depending on the event). It is also a great addition on low-waist pants. This style works beautifully on shorter and petite women. On a larger woman, it can look slightly disproportionate but if worn over a cardigan or dress, it can be carried off well. The belt you pick should be less than 1-inch in width to achieve that trendy, modern look. Always have basic colors and printed versions in your wardrobe as this will help you create new looks. If you want something different, you can choose to wear two skinny belts together.

The Elasticated
Perfect for creating that perfect little cinched waist, you can also wear this belt further down for a more comfortable look. Also known as a stretch belt, this is an extremely comfortable buy that stretches to adjust and mold itself to your body. If you are on the slightly heavier side and want to opt for a wide belt, we suggest you pick one with elastic in it as it will instantly create an hourglass figure that is exceptionally flattering. With an outfit that has modern silhouettes, this belt can create a focal point.

The Woven Belt
Frankly, there’s probably not a woman alive who does not like the woven belt. And this is probably one of the most stylistic and flattering belt styles out there. Opt for a belt in either brown or tan so that it is essentially a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Since it can be belted through at any length, you can wear it either low-slung, at your pants’ waist, or even your natural waist. Ensure that you pick a belt of high quality and sturdy weaves. If even after buckling the belt, you are left with quite a bit of it, knot it with the belt and tuck it under, instead of pulling it through the loops.

The Tied
Not the most conventional of belts, it is also one of the easier ones to obtain. A scarf, a tie, a piece of fabric; pretty much anything could function as a tied belt if you want to flirt with the idea. It allows you to tie your outfit to create an interest level in it. If you have a tiny waist, then we suggest that you pick a narrow piece of fabric. With an average length waist, pick a sash-style belt which has a width of about 3-inches at least. For someone with a longer waist, both styles tend to work beautifully.

The Hip-hugging
More of an aesthetic addition to your outfit than a functional one, this belt is worn over your jeans and not through the loops. For larger women, a belt that is asymmetrical or v-shaped is most flattering. An asymmetrical belt is one in which one end of the belt falls over the other in an asymmetrical/diagonal manner. And a v-shaped one is in which, when the belt is buckled, a ‘v’ shape is created. If you want to give the illusion of a longer and slimmer body, then wear a belt that matches the color of your outfit.

The Metallic
Now, you may think ’80s when you think of a metallic-colored belt, but you can easily make this style modern and up-to-date by wearing it with darker tones, and ensuring that your belt is not let’s-blind-everyone shiny but has a more subtle glimmer. A metal-inspired belt can instantly glam up your outfit and give it some funk. While belts that are on the wider side may be interesting, we love the skinny metallic styles that can be combined together so that we can work the mixed metals trend as well.

The Colorful
Wide, skinny, in-between, you can go any way with a colorful belt and you will get all the vibrancy that you need for an outfit. A simple dress can go from yeah-it’s-okay to OMG-that’s-brilliant, with a perkily colored belt. It requires you to put in absolutely no effort except look pretty when you are getting the compliments. From bright neons to enviable reds, and bubbly yellows, look at the rainbow for inspiration. The only thing to remember is that since the belt is going to be a focal point, ensure that you don’t place it incorrectly and get unwanted attention.

The Two-Toned
This is our little extra for you. While not a complete must-own, this belt can actually be a winner if you team it with an appropriate outfit. It can create exactly the polished look that you want in a work outfit, and it can add that little fun element when you want a more whimsical appearance. If the belt is simply two-toned and dual textured, then ensure that your buckle is eye-catching. If the belt has two contrasting yet strong colors, then let the buckle be understated.

If belts have rated low on your buying list till now, it’s time you went shopping for them. Not only are belts quite the investment (ask the guy in your life. He’ll vouch for it), they also add immediate class to an outfit. An accessory that can take any outfit from simple to stylish in a matter of minutes, a belt should be your go-to. It’s time you started your love story with it.