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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fashion Really Harmful to Society

We are constantly surrounded by fashion, it has become an everyday kind of thing you need to deal with. Fashion is a term that applies to clothing, accessories, hairstyle, footwear, body piercings, and furniture. The concept of fashion is not new to mankind, it is just that the definition of fashion has changed and more evolved. During the Egyptian era, both men and women used to line their eyes with Kohl for various reasons. But it was a trend back then and followed by everybody.

Fashion is like a wind and is changing rapidly. From school-going kids to working professionals, everybody wants to look their best. Fashion is promoted mostly by TV advertisements and celebrities. Many people define their fashion statement as comfort. They wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Of course you need to consider the occasion too. You can’t wear a jogging suit and go for a wedding, similarly you won’t wear a skirt to go for jogging. If we are living in a society, then it is not a bad thing to follow fashion trends, but it should be done in a limit.

Positive Impact of Fashion

► Fashion has become one common language for people all over the world. Our world is enormous, an integration of various cultures. Fashion helps to connect people internationally, because it travels from one city to another.

► Designers are able to produce and set new trends for people who are enthusiastic and ready to experiment with their look. This gives designers a satisfaction when they see their designs in the market, starting a trend among the people.

► The fashion industry is very competitive and there are many designers who offer the same thing like the others. It is always refreshing to see a new designer exhibit new and unique designs. It gives young and aspiring fashion designers a platform to exhibit their talent.

► Sometimes, fashion can be an inspiration for many to discover their hidden potential, it persuades individuals to attend fashion schools and make something out of their career, if they have an inclination towards this field. Fashion inspires you to expand your knowledge and creativity to turn your hobby into a career.

► One of the first things which people notice is your appearance. The way you dress up speaks a lot about you, fashion is one of the means through which you express yourself. Fashion gives you the liberty to mix and match clothes according to your mood, liking, and attitude.

► We all are attracted to people who dress up smartly and have a knowledge about the current trends. People dress up to attract the opposite sex and get noticed by someone they adore. Additionally, people also get acknowledged and stand out amongst the crowd largely due to what they wear and how they look. Those shabbily dressed or the ones lacking a sense of fashion are not very well taken, as compared to those who groom themselves well.

► Fashion is never ending, trends come and go. In fact, trends are inspired by designers, ideas of creating something new and different can come from anywhere. Take the example of the Little Black Dress, this trend never goes out. Almost every woman has a little black dress in her wardrobe purchased for that perfect evening.

► When you think about fashion, it’s not always about dressing up. Fashion opens numerous opportunities for you. You can choose to stay behind the camera and work on styling and if you prefer to be in front of the camera, you can venture fields like modeling and acting. Possibilities are endless, so one good thing about fashion is that it offers employment opportunities to those who dream about being a part of this industry.

► Additionally, following your own fashion statement makes you a more independent thinker. If you think you have the ability to carry the attire, then it fills you up with a great deal of confidence.

► It is like a magical fix for numerous issues like handling bullies and making new friends. Research claims that people who are always dressed up smartly are hardly harassed by bullies, because they feel that anybody with a high fashion sense may retaliate and can be a great threat for them.

► Fashion also helps you to make new friends easily. If you share the same interest like other people, then connecting with them won’t be difficult. You will have a common thing to base your discussions on.

► Teens get to create their own identity by following a certain trend which they like, thus they are not associated and tagged just like others. Having an impeccable and great fashion sense will easily get them a job in fashion land.

Negative Impact of Fashion

► One of the biggest drawbacks fashion has on our society is constant change. We all are aware that it changes constantly. With new year come new trends which if we don’t adopt, we are sure to be scrutinized by the fashion police in our neighborhood or school. For many fast-paced changes in fashion, it encourages people to buy clothes or other things unnecessarily. Which means splurging on things which won’t stay for long.

► Every new fashion trend is promoted in such a way that it becomes difficult for any teen or student to simply ignore it. Many fashion companies endorse celebrities to advertise for their clothing line, which results in many people buying that product. Why? Because their favorite celebrity has promoted it. They don’t care if it is right or wrong to buy it.

► The term ‘fashionsta’ sounds classy and glamorous but refers to somebody who follows fashion blindly. They want to wear it because that is the trend, they don’t care about whether it suits them or not, or if they are comfortable in it or not.

► A lot of money is wasted in buying new clothes, it indirectly promotes capitalism in society. People end up buying new clothes, when they already have old ones which they might not have worn even once. They discard old clothes to make space for new fashion trends in their wardrobe.

►”If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shabby furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shabby philosophies… It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.” A very famous quote by Albert Einstein, he was always seen in old and worn out clothes. Clothes have the power to project us in a negative or a positive way, sometimes people judge others wrong because of the clothes worn by them.

► There is a difference between fad and style. Fad fashion trends are short-lived, they come and go within months. These are known as fads of fashion, true fashion means style. People who are ignorant about this fact follow fads of fashion rather than focusing on creating their own style.

► Stealing, robbing, and blackmailing are common ways for the youth to become fashionable. They are so attracted and addicted to fashion that they are ready to go to any length to get the look they desire. Teens have become so rebellious that they even wear things which look hideous on them.

► Apart from clothes, there are certain trends detrimental to our health. These include tattoos, body piercings, plastic surgeries, etc. Teens have become extremists, one of the negative impacts of fashion is teenagers piercing various body parts. People are ready to pierce their belly button, tongue, forehead, lips all in the name of fashion.

► The environment and upbringing also has a lot to do with how an individual gets influenced by fashion around him/her. Teens staying in the rural areas will throw on an attire completely different from a teen staying in a city.

► Many times, teens or students opt for clothes due to peer pressure, they want to blend in the crowd. This fear of being left out in the crowd has a negative impact on their mind, thus they go for such clothes.

► Nowadays, students focus more and more on fashion rather than focusing on their career. They want to know everything about fashion, but little about their school or college activities. This is one of the major negative impacts of fashion on students.

► Some girls try to look like models, so they compromise on their diet to become skinny. Also, people experimenting with their hair or skin often forget about the allergies or acne breakouts they need to face due to using such products. Being fashion-conscious can even make you anxious and depressed if you don’t feel you are dressed up to the mark.

► One of the major and worst impacts of fashion on our environment is the procedure and products used to manufacture these fashionable products. Often, animal fur is used in jackets and fur coats. Many birds are killed, and experiments are done on animals to check if the products would be allergic to humans.

On a concluding note, fashion won’t be harmful to our society if we learn to create a balance between our studies and interests. Everybody wants to look good, there is no harm in it, unless you become completely obsessed with it. Parents also need to keep an eye on their children’s activity, if they are studying or wasting their time grooming themselves. There is no harm in being fashionable, but don’t let it interfere with your lifestyle and career.

Hairstyles for Women

Women of the 1970s knew how to accentuate their features, bringing forth a strong yet vulnerable femininity that is lost today. Stylists and the like, are trying to tap into the seventies like we’ve never seen before, staying true to the iconic while adding a touch of modernity. Hairstyles are a breathtaking sight when spotted on a runway, where the seventies is taking the world by storm in significant ways.
Speaking of hair, which do you think is the one hairstyle that stands out from the rest? It’s got to be the “Farrah Flicks” hairstyle! If you aren’t familiar with its name, think back in time to the original cast of “Charlie’s Angels”. Yes, it was “Ferrah Leni ‘Farrah’ Fawcett” who starred as one of the three crime-fighting beauties, making that voluptuous head of hair just as famous.

That’s where the hairstyle gets its eponymous name from – Farrah’s luscious hair. There are other hairstyles that took over this iconic decade, slowly moving away from the passé trends of the ’60s, ditching the goody-two-shoes image for a wild, sexy, and independent take on style.

Hairstyles for Women from the ’70s

African-American women (and men) of the seventies let their voluminous afros grow, rarely ever taming them by tying it up in a ponytail or braid. It emerged right out of the ’60s as part of the Black Pride Movement, gaining popularity in the seventies. While still politically strong in its appearance, it turned into a style statement of sorts, where even fellow Americans were sporting the trend. Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé are two stars that have pulled off the ‘fro with élan.

Stacked perms were also a hit in the seventies, with many African-Americans combining straight hair with thick curls. This sort of perm was done by straightening hair on the crown of one’s head, with curls circling the bottom.

Cornrows took center stage amidst the afro hoopla, turning into a full-blown trend in the ’70s that is still very much in style today.

This hairstyle has been spotted on actress Jennifer Aniston and TV presenter/model Alexa Chung, for its rugged and messy appeal. Hair is usually in line with one’s chin or kept a little longer past the shoulders, commonly accompanied by a full fringe grazing across the eyebrows. While this hairstyle isn’t easy to tie up into a ponytail, it’s quite versatile to work with if styled using trusty hair products and techniques.

The ape hairstyle closely resembles the shag style, except that it lacks the shorter hair length, and sometimes, the full fringe. The right hair products keep the style fresh and in sync with the seventies.

Shiny, sleek, and left to do as it pleased, untamed tresses were the highlight of the seventies. Leave them on one side, braid them, do what you please.

Long hairstyles were usually center-parted or parted to one side, and left to fall loosely around one’s shoulders. Gwyneth Paltrow is known for carrying off this hairstyle effortlessly.

Beach hair is tousled, wavy, and carries a wild, carefree feel to it, that is very reminiscent of the hippie era. Others have sought-after the beach hair (hippie) look for its raw sexiness – Kate Hudson, Lea Michele, Whitney Port, Natalie Portman, and Kate Moss, are some of many stars who have perfected the look.

The lovely ‘angel’ hasn’t been forgotten as Hollywood’s much-loved star of the ’70s, for her beautiful feathered hair that got girls everywhere, green with envy. The prominent, outward flicks was what made this hairstyle stand out, often referred to as ‘wings’ for its curvy locks. This could be easily achieved using a blow dryer, where women would add flicks to even short hair for dimensional depth.

You’ve got to hand it to the women of the ’70s who really knew how to experiment with style. Slowly making its way through the fold, were the punks with their otherworldly hairdos that gained recognition in later years. While punk hair was an outlandish feature seen on ‘bad girls’ (as an outright show of rebellion), singers like Cyndi Lauper were taking the trend to new heights.

Nonetheless, this decade saw a lot of Mohican haircuts, colored hair (with creative designs and text), horns/spikes, and even shaved heads.

This look made its way into the seventies, and saw women ditch their dainty demeanor for something more fun, hip, and experimental. While it still carried feminine undertones, the androgynous appeal fiercely took over. Actress Joanna Lumley – who played the role of ‘Purdey’ in the TV show ‘The New Avengers’, gave birth to the iconic hairstyle. You could call it a revival of the androgynous trend, since fashion heavily relied on this impactful style much like the flapper women of the ’60s.
It was then in the 1990s when the androgynous trend spread like wildfire. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have incorporated a modern twist to the old-fashioned pageboy, turning it into a tough, edgy rendition of the original.

Hair has been through a lot of changes in the last few decades, where hair stylists are constantly reinventing trends to come up with something sensational, every single time. These hairstyles aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon, so take advantage of what each kind has to offer.

Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage years are a lot of fun as you can enjoy dressing up and pull off styles that only a young girl looks good in. As a young girl, you must be looking for certain styles that best reflects your personality and style. This is the right time to experiment with different styles and patterns in clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. To match the pretty outfit and accessories, you need a hairstyle that makes you look your age and which enhances your features. Many young girls make the mistake of sporting a hairstyle that is too severe or over elegant. This kind of hairstyles makes you look aged and dated, and worse, makes you seem like a girl who is trying too hard. It is imperative that you choose a hairstyle that is not over styled, but choose a hairstyle that gives you a casual and carefree look. Use cute hair accessories like hair bands and oversized feathers for a flirty and fun look.

Pretty Teenage Hairstyles

Sporty High Ponytail
This particular hairstyle is ideal to wear for school as well as a casual lunch date with friends. If you though that a ponytail is boring and blah, then you couldn’t be more wrong. This particular ponytail hairstyle is anything but boring and you are sure to look great in it. To create this sporty high ponytail hairstyle, first you need to apply a texturizing cream to damp hair. Next create a deep side part, brushing all the hair on one side. Lightly backcomb hair at the crown area to create a bit of volume and then gather all your hair together into a ponytail. Secure hair at the back of your head with an elastic band. Take a small half inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin. Spritz the ponytail with a medium hold hairspray and scrunch hair to give it a wavy texture. The beauty of this popular teen hairstyle is that it looks a little undone and tousled which goes very well with smart casual clothes.

Fishtail Side Braid
Braids are an ideal hairstyle for young girls that gives a fresh and youthful look. To make a braid hairstyle more trendy, a fishtail side braid is a good option. To create a fishtail side braid, first run some texturizing cream through the length of your hair. Create a deep side part and gather hair towards one shoulder. Separate the hair into two equal sections at the nape of your neck. Now very carefully, pull out a half inch section of hair from the right side, just below your ear and place it over the left section. Take another half inch section of hair from the left side, just below the ear and place it over the right section. Continue braiding in this way till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band. Take a rattail comb and gently run it over your braid to pull out some hair from the braid to give it a frayed look.

Soft Half Updo Hairstyle
The wrong updo hairstyle can make a teenager look too severe and older than her age. But a half updo, which is not sleek and pulled back but rather soft and tousled, is just right for a young girl. This is one of the best cute teenage hairstyles and is quite easy to style too. To create this hairstyle, prepare your hair by applying a golf ball sized amount of volumizing mousse to hair at the crown. Apply texturizing cream to the rest of the hair. Now take a wide three inch section of hair from the front of your hair and backcomb it with a rattail comb to create volume. Make sure that you do not go overboard with it and just create the right amount of volume. Secure this section of the hair at the back with a wide bejeweled barrette. Next use a large barreled curling iron to create loose curls on the rest of your hair. Spritz the hairstyle with medium hold hair spray and it is done.

These hairstyles are incredibly versatile and you can sport them at a date as well as the prom. Whatever style you create, make sure that it goes with your outfit and enhances your appearance.

Hairstyle for Graduation Day

Graduation Day is a solemn ceremony, a moment of achievement and pride in the life of all students. Years of hard work, dedication and tenacity pay off as you walk up the alley and onto the stage to receive your degree. You walk up to the podium, and prepare to recite the speech you had written, only to realize the words seem futile and seem nothing on the backdrop of the times you have spent in your college or university. All that matters are the memories you created… and then it seldom becomes easy to keep your eyes dry!
Graduation Day is a milestone in your academic life that you deeply cherish for years to come. It is but obvious you want to look your best on this special day! Though everybody finds it pretty easy to pick the right outfit for the day, one maybe bummed when it comes to one thing – your hair! Should you tie them up? Cut them? What? Here are a few suggestions.

Graduation Hairstyle Ideas

If you have long flowing hair that fall below your shoulders onto your back, YOU ARE BLESSED! There are a number of things you can do with long hair. You can opt for a low pony-tail, you can braid them up, you can simply leave them open, you can practically do what you want! One tip here would be to go for a hairstyle that will not look too glamorous or flashy. It is Graduation Day, not prom night; so keep it simple. If you are ready to get a haircut, you can go for a layered cut. You can even go for a fringe that will peep out of the graduation cap and on your forehead. If you wish, you may even perm your hair to add bounce to otherwise floppy hair. Well, did I say anything? yeah; you really can do anything with your hair!

If you have medium length hair that fall till your shoulders, the best option would be to leave them open. Wash your hair and brush through them. Letting them dry naturally may not always work for shoulder length hair – the ends tend to turn up as they rest on your shoulders. The best solution would be to blow-dry them so they don’t curl up at the ends. Another option could be to scrunch them for a wavy look. You can just put your fingers through your wet or semi-dry hair and squeeze them for a scrunch look. If you want to try something different, you can get a long bob cut.

Curls look the best when left open, and that is what I would suggest. You can maybe play with your hairline by tucking in a few strands of hair using a clip to take them off your face. A loose pony tail on the neck also looks charming. If you are going to tie your hair, you can leave a couple of locks out, so that they bounce off your face! It will give you a rather coy and bubbly look. If you want to opt for something simple, how about straightening your hair? It maybe a good change to get rid of your curls, even if only temporarily.

Micro braids may seem an unusual choice as a graduation day hairstyle, but it will work, especially since you have to wear a graduation cap! Another idea could be to tie a low bun that will lay on your neck. Up-dos may or may not work, since teaming up an up-do with a cap more or less ends up ruining the up-do.

A general tip I would like to give here is – do not opt for a very elaborate hairstyle. If you are not going to wear your graduation cap, then there are definitely more options to pick from. But with the graduation cap on your head, you have to choose wisely. Being a solemn ceremony, the best thing to do would be to wear your hair in a simple yet elegant way. After all, simplicity is beauty.